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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Ruth and Emilia

The Spaceship That Fell in My Backyard

Review by Gary Hill

Finding music that can entertain kids without seriously annoying their parents can be tough. This seems to be an album that will work for such a purpose. It is definitely a children's album. The thing is, the music is done well enough, and it's meaty enough, that the adults should be able to enjoy it, too. It's a loose-knit concept album with some great messages all delivered with a spirit of fun.

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Track by Track Review
The Spaceship That Fell in My Backyard
The opening section here has a bit of a theatrical set-up. The cut is a fun rocker that should be a real hit with the kids. It includes theatrical elements set within a cool 1980s rock sort of arrangement.
Where Do I Live
Another bouncy rocker, this is a really fun number. It's so catchy and perhaps a bit more "grown up." Mind you, it's still a kid's song, but this is more likely to get the adults involved. I dig the little processed section where the alien is telling the kid about itself.
We're Gonna Be Legendary
I dig the horns on this song. The cut is a high energy and quite accessible one that works really well. This is another that would have appeal across the age ranges. The message is very positive.
This is the Way It Should Be
A mellower number, this has a string laced type of arrangement. It's catchy and effective. It's about acceptance and getting along. While the other songs were definitely rock tunes, this is more in line with the adult contemporary school of sound.
Repair the World
There is a folk meets world music and bluegrass vibe to this. It's another with a particularly positive message. The fiddle adds a lot to this cut.
Everything is Better with Some Bubbles
Another set well within retro musical styles, this has more of a rag-time kind of thing at its heart. It's no less fun or accessible than the rest, though.
I'm Smart on Safety
Old school jazz is the musical concept here. This cut swings and grooves. It has an important message, and it's delivered in a fun way.
Can't Janet Come and Play

Bouncy and fun, this has both retro and modern sounds built into it. This one is probably less appealing to the adults than some of the others, but I'm sure the kids will love it.

Dancing in Our PJs
Disco and funk are on the menu here. The energy and vibe here are both quite cool. I dig the wacka wacka guitar bit mid-track. That whole jam is cool and appropriate for this type of music.
Just Inside This Classroom
We're back into the rock zone with this number. This is high energy and entertaining.       
The Spaceship That Fell in My Backyard (Reprise)
This reprise of the opening cut continues the story. It's another fun one.
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