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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Bye Bye Banshee

Deathfolk Magic

Review by Gary Hill

Bye Bye Banshee is a project of a singer songwriter named Jezebel Jones. If this is any indication, she's someone to watch. She has produced an EP here that is absolutely magical. It's dark and gloomy. It's very earthy and organic. At the same time, it's otherworldly and has an air of something supernatural. I almost landed this under progressive rock because of the fiercely artistic and experimental nature of it. I still think it could fit there, but feel that it's more accurate under the "non-prog" heading. Whatever you call this, though, it's an exceptional and unique experience. My only complaint is that it's only four songs. I'd love to hear a lot more in this vein. There is one other comment that I should make about this set. I don't think I've ever heard a release that the cover art suited better than this one. One look at that cover, and you will have a great idea of what you are about to hear.

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Track by Track Review
If I Die in My Dreams
Dark and trippy, this has such a cool musical texture. It's doomy and yet sort of folk meets psychedelia. The harder rocking powered up section has a real proggy air to it. The bass that walks around in the backdrop on this is cool. The organ lends some great retro textures. The vocals have a soulful grounding element to them while also feeling a bit otherworldly.
Bye Bye Banshee
Dramatic folky textures bring this into being. The guitar sound is classic in nature. Other elements create a mood over the top. As the vocals join there is a definite psychedelic rock element to this. It makes me think of The Velvet Underground a bit. This might not have the intensity or immediacy of the opener, but it makes up for it with nuanced elements bringing the charm. There is a mournful, gloomy texture to this piece. There are some bluegrass elements later in the track. While this is down-home in a lot of ways, it also feels so ethereal in others.
There is a driving sort of avant-garde folk rock element at the heart of this cut. The layers of the top bring a real folk prog sort of vibe to the piece.
Skull Rattles
With a lot of country built into it, this builds in cool ways. It doesn't change quickly, but it definitely grows. It's another powerful and very effective track.
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