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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Bobbie Morrone

Lonely St.

Review by Gary Hill

Be careful what you wish for they say. When I reviewed Bobbie Morrone's three-song EP previously I wished that there had been more music. Well, I got it in this case, and that's not entirely a good thing. Don't get me wrong, his blending of modern and old school sounds is very effective. He knows how to craft a catchy song. The problem is, this, like a lot of pop music, is best taken in small doses as there is a tendency for the music to be monolithic. On the other hand, in the world of pop music, I'm not sure how relevant the album is any more. People tend to listen to a song or two at a time, and this is perfect for that. It's just when taken as a whole album (as I did with the track by track review) where the formula starts to wear a bit thin.

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Track by Track Review
Behind the Walls
Piano brings this into being. As it works out from there it has a bit of a jazzy vibe. The cut has more of a retro-tinged, modern pop groove from there. This is accessible and fun.
Get By
This is a bit less trendy. It has a killer retro guitar sound. The organ lends more timeless textures. This rocks out quite a bit, but has hints of jazz and more in the mix, too. I love the guitar solo on this tune.
Whiskey and Water
A guitar dominated arrangement, this is a bit more stripped back than the previous two were. The retro and jazz elements are on full display here, too. This is another that's a lot of fun. I like the backing vocals a lot.
One of a Kind
I dig the energized groove on this. There is a real classic, jazzy element at play here. I like this one a lot.
Holding On
This has a cool retro groove to it. I love the guitar solo on this, too. It has a real classic vibe. The backing vocals bring something special, too.
I Can't Fall That Far (Intro)
The bass starts this number and holds it for a time. Then guitar joins along with drums and more to create an intriguing musical groove.
I Can't Fall That Far
The cool rocking grooves on this work well. This song isn't a huge change, but it does have more of a straight, modern alternative rock texture to it.
Walk Away
There is some funk along with jazz and more built into this number. It has some cool textures over the top of it.
I've Got It
An energized number, the horns add something to this cut. The formula is starting to wear a bit thin, though. I do like the change up section on this, though. It reminds me a bit of The Blues Brothers.
Simple Things
A slower, rather bluesy groove, this is both retro and modern. Again, it's a bit too samey by this point.
There is a cool jam rock groove this number. It has a healthy helping of the blues built into it. This instrumental is a nice bit of variety.
Lonely St.
This number is a more balladic one, but it's still a bit too much like a lot of the other stuff here. It has jazzy elements and works well, though.
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