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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Deep C Divers

We’re All Americans

Review by Gary Hill

This is quite an interesting set. In a lot of ways each song here feels like it could have come from an entirely different album, if not a different band. Somehow, though, it all manages to work well together. That's impressive. These guys play a form of alternative rock. However, it's a variant that draws from so many different schools of sound that they never sound redundant.

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Track by Track Review
My Luv
Bits of clean guitar work over rhythmic elements as this open. The cut turns out into a pretty mainstream alternative rock cut. This is accessible and solid. There is a cool keyboard and vocal drop down at the end.
In the Bubble
More of a rocker, there is a real new wave sound to this thing. I reminds to a large degree of early Cars. It has a great energy and fiery rocking sound.
It’s No Secret
This cut seems to merge a pop rock vibe with hints of R&B and a healthy helping of reggae. One of the most effective tunes here, this has a real timeless and classic feeling to it.
We’re All Americans
The bass brings this into being. The cut fires out as a seriously punky, hard rocking tune. It's a powerhouse that has some topical lyrics. This is a standout song. The vocal delivery on this is angry. I can make out some hints of something like Midnight Oil on this in some ways.
Livin My Life
This number lands more fully in the alternative rock zone. It is another accessible cut. It's also another standout. I love the guitar work on this thing, and the energy is great.
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