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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Dan Israel

Social Media Disorder

Review by Gary Hill

This new disc from Dan Israel is considerably strong. It has a real pop rock vibe that works so well. There is a big of punky edge at times, but this has a lot in common with more mainstream acts like Tom Petty and The Beatles. The range is wide, and the quality level is high.

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Track by Track Review
Be My Girl
This arrangement is a killer pop rock one. There are hints of punk in the mix. I'm reminded of Tom Petty to some degree. The horns bring something special to the tune, too. This is energetic and fun.

There is a healthy helping of psychedelia in the mix here. It has a dreamy kind of vibe to it. The cut grooves with a trippy style. The Beatles are a valid reference point in some ways.

Just Can't Take It
There is an odd kind of introduction to this number. It works out to a punky kind of pop rocker from there. This is fun, but not up to the level of the first couple pieces. I dig the cool guitar textures later in the piece, though.
Still I'm Lost
Acoustic guitar starts this number, and it works out in sort of a folk rock mode. As the arrangement fills out a bit we get some more 70s rock textures. Somehow I can make out some hints of The Beatles on this cut, too. It definitely has some psychedelic texture, but also some Americana sound.
Might As Well Be Me
There is a sense of playfulness to this cut. It is definitely set in a folk motif. It has some classic musical textures and is quite effective. I dig the slide guitar bits later in the track. The arrangement does fill out with style.
Another Day
This has some cool rock zones built into it. It's a gritty, Americana styled jam. It has some tasty slide guitar built into it.
Just Can't Take It Revisited
This is an odd sort of tune. There is a spoken bit at times. The cut is very artsy. It has a rocking groove at its heart, though. This is definitely strange. It gets a parental advisory.
Very Bob Dylan-like, this is a classy folk rock tune. It's not a highlight, but it is solid. The arrangement gets some rather psychedelic augmentation.
Drums bring this into being, and the cut rocks out from there with a lot of style. This is an energized rocker that works well.
Here for Today
Tom Petty is on the menu here. There is plenty of psychedelia, too. The guitar riff that drives this is the best of the set. I'd actually label this tune as the strongest of the bunch. It's just so cool. It's worth the price of admission all by itself.
Out of My Hands
Another classy rocker with some psychedelia in the mix, I can hear both The Beatles and Tom Petty in the mix here. This is strong stuff.
Out of My Hands (Reprise)
As you might guess from the title and parenthetical of this cut, we get a variant of the previous track here. It comes in with a stripped back arrangement. A female gospel singer comes in over the top of this version. While she's really wailing it, I think it takes away from the beauty of the song rather than adding anything. Still, this is a cool variant.
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