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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

Bruce Soord

All This Will Be Yours

Review by Gary Hill

This is the new solo album from Bruce Soord, who is probably best known as the lead singer for The Pineapple Thief. Much of this album really sounds like that band. The mellow, gloomy kind of prog that they practice permeates this set, too. It works well with some moments that really shine. If you are a fan of The Pineapple Thief, you will certainly enjoy this.

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Track by Track Review
The Secrets I Know
Keyboard ambience brings this into being. Guitar and voice join in succession after a time. This has a cool modern prog sound. There is an organic vibe to it in a lot of ways. This is gentle and expressive. It gets very powerful before segueing into the next number.
Our Gravest Threat Apart
Coming out of the previous tune, this feels moody, but has a real dramatic magic to it. It starts fairly sedate, but gets more involved and powerful as it continues. It gets quite rocking as it continues. This really does feel like The Pineapple Thief in a lot of ways.
The Solitary Path of a Convicted Man
While this is mellow and rather gentle, it has a rocking energy in terms of the general musical arrangement. The moodiness is all over the cut, too. It has a real beauty and majesty. It grows into something more driving as it evolves.
All This Will Be Yours
Mellower and more artsy as it comes in, there is a bit of playful edge when this turns more "song" oriented. As it approaches the three-minute mark we get some cool, almost bluesy, guitar soloing. This is one of the more rocking numbers here. Yet, it still has that proggy moodiness in the mix, too. Some more bizarre guitar sounds later in the track call to mind early Pink Floyd a bit.
Time Does Not Exist
Gentle and ethereal for a lot of its run, this cut gets a bit more energized further along the road. This is well in the kind of zone one expects from The Pineapple Thief.
One Misstep
There is a cool dreamy air to this number early. It takes on some almost fusion elements as it gets more moving and developed further down the road.           
You Hear the Voices
I love the dreamy kind of groove on the opening section here. The cut grows out to something with more energy as it continues. It even seems to have some hints of fusion as it does.  Some killer keyboards and percussion dominated prog emerges beyond that point to carry it to a crescendo. After that it drops to near silence. It comes back in with more of a moody motif to continue. It eventually makes its way back out to the more rocking modes before it ends. This is one of my favorite cuts of the disc.   
Cut the Flowers
This is another highlight. It's one of the most dynamic cuts on the set. It has some of the most rocking and some of the dreamiest music of the disc. There are some other things here that make me think of Pink Floyd at times. This is quite electronic in nature.
One Day I Will Leave You
More of an acoustic guitar based number, this is poignant. It gets more powered up as it continues. It's another that would have fit well on an album from the band Soord fronts.
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