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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Michelle Creber

On Display

Review by Gary Hill

It's fair to say that Michelle Creber has been a performer for her entire life. Her parents are both professional musicians. She's an actress, musician, voice actress and more. This album was actually released in 2018, and she has one that's more recent. The single "Haunted House" has been making the rounds for Halloween this year, though. Since I got this after our October issue was published, I figured the best option was to go ahead and review the whole album instead. This is essentially modern pop rock music, but it's exceptionally well done.

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Track by Track Review
Kings & Queens
There is an intriguing and dramatic arrangement on the introduction. From there it shifts to more of a mainstream pop type tune. It's a solid tune that has some good hooks. The sound is based on both R&B sounds and electronic for the bulk. It gets into more rocking segments as it continues, though.
On Display
Built around piano and vocals, this is another strong tune. It's more of an evocative ballad, even when the arrangement gets some more layers and builds outward. As it gets particularly powered up it becomes sort of a power ballad. Creber's vocals are powerful and elegant. This is a much stronger tune than the opener was, and that one was pretty good.
It's Gonna Turn Around

The sounds of thunder open this. The cut builds out from there with more of a rocking vibe. I love the meter of the vocals here. This is an energetic cut that is among the highlights of the set.

Haunted House

Coming in with creepy textures, this works out from there to a rather mysterious sounding spooky music. This gets a lot more rocking at times. It's an intriguing piece of music.

There is a real rocking groove to this piece. The cut has a lot of pop rock built into it. It's a powerhouse with some killer hooks. It's another standout of the disc.
Superhero (feat. Black Gryph0n)
Here we get a cut that's a bit too polished pop for my tastes. That said, the duet is a nice touch, and the piece has solid hooks. I do like the lyrical content, though, and particularly the nod to the Avengers.
I love the groove to this cut. It has some jazz in the mix. It's a playful piece that is among the highlights of the disc. It gets more rocking as it continues.
Half Is Full
Piano starts this. Creber's vocal joins after a time. The cut works out as more a ballad. That said, it turns to more of a full rocking tune further down the road before eventually dropping back to a stripped back section at the closing.
Still Young
Pop rock is the order of business here. This is energetic and effective, but not a standout.
I like the contrast between the stripped back piano and voice sections and the more rocking ones on this. This cut has a lot of class. There is a real adult contemporary vibe to the piece.
One For All (feat. Natalie Sharp)
The pop rock vibe of this cut has a lot of piano in the mix. The groove works well. The powered up closing section is playful and powerful.
I dig the electronic element of this cut. It definitely lands in the pop music zone, though. Still there is some meat on the bones of this beast. There are some rather odd shifts and changes later in the number as an example of that.
Another Song
There is some cool rocking material on this number. The tune is an entertaining one. In fact, it's one of the most fun pieces of the disc. It's a standout that makes for a great closing piece.


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