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Review by Gary Hill

I am a big fan of reggae. Indubious does a great brand of reggae, too. Their sound is well rooted in traditional elements. The thing is, they bring in some hints of progressive and space rock at the same time. The combination is unique and strong. This is a great set.

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Track by Track Review
Here We Come
The musical arrangement early on this number is sparse and tentative. The vocals bring some killer reggae, though. As it continues this gets more intense. It is a vocal dominated piece, though. It's a tasty introduction to the set. It's fairly short at less than two minutes of music.
Fabric of Creation
The reggae meets rock groove on this is just so cool. There is a real progressive rock edge to it in a lot of ways. This has such a great vibe to it. It has some dropped down moments, but overall is in an energetic reggae mode.
Do the Best You Can
The fast paced vocals on this just ooze cool. The track is another killer reggae piece that works well.
The vibe on this is a bit slower. It's more of a trippy kind of number. As much as I've enjoyed the stuff that has come before this, in some ways the magic is really elevated here. It's still full on reggae, but there is a bit of a space rock element in place, too.
Strong End
There is a bit more of an old-school, vintage reggae sound to this number. I love the vocal groove mid-track in particular. That said, the whole piece is classy. It lends a bit mellower edge to the proceedings.
One by One (feat. The Elovaters)
I dig this energized reggae piece. It's a lot of fun. It's a nice blending of modern and old-school sounds.
Here We Go
This is just a little over half-a-minute long. It's a cool little reggae groove with some space elements at play.
The bits of keyboard texture on this lend something closer to prog rock at times. This has a great reggae groove, too. It's another with hints of space rock in the mix.
Frequent See
The groove on this is so classic. The sound has a real vintage reggae element at the backdrop, but the keyboard jamming over the top brings something more modern. The vocal performance is among the strongest of the set. This is one of my favorite tunes here, really. It just has such a great groove and vibe to it.
Shuffle the Deck
More of an organic reggae sound is on the menu here. This is a bit playful and traditional in terms of arrangement and delivery.
Good Ol’ Days (feat. Satsang)
There is a bit of a folk rock element at play here in some ways. Sure, it still has some definite reggae leanings, but this is not really what I would call pure reggae. It has a slower, down-home kind of feeling to it. The vocal dominated movement is so cool with multiple layers working together so well.
Hocus Focus
With a definite progressive rock edge in the mix, this reggae groove is a lot of fun.
Blessings Run
There is some great energy and reggae groove built into this cut.
Here We Are
This is a short piece that does a great job of bringing it all back around as a bookended set.


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