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Progressive Rock CD Reviews


Before You

Review by Gary Hill

This music is very artsy. In fact, that's why I've landed it under prog, because it qualifies as art rock. It's quite experimental, too. It's also very intriguing. There are only four songs here. I'd like to hear more from this artist. The four songs here are all varied, but present an interesting image of a very creative creator. It should be noted, and I just realized it as I was getting ready to place this review into our Music Street Journal database, but I've actually reviewed this artist before. That review was done under the name Ximena Borges, though.

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Track by Track Review
High Moments
Dramatic electronic and percussive music serves as the backdrop. Some non-lyrical vocals come over the top of that. The lead vocal joins after a bit. There is dreamy, otherworld quality to this. It has such an intriguing tone and style. It's also packed with class.
Before You
The weird opening on this cut makes me think of Laurie Anderson's "O Superman." That vocal bit becomes a percussive element at the back of the wall of voices that drives the number from there. The lead vocal here shows more range and emotion than the vocals on the first track did. There is a real classical element here in some ways along with an art music thing. This is experimental and so cool.
There's Me
A cool almost soulful groove is on display here. The cut has a great energy and some classy textures. Yet, it's still artsy and electronic. I like the lead vocal melodies on this a lot. It gets quite soaring at times. This is arguably the most mainstream thing here.
This is one of the most unusual pieces of the set. That Laurie Anderson element emerges here and there, but this has an evocative lead vocal section, too. There is a real classical music feeling to it in some ways. This gets into some of the hardest rocking zones, too. In fact, this gets quite driving before it's over and done.
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