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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

Dr. Chrispy

VHS Remixed

Review by Gary Hill

I previously reviewed another set from this act. Like that one, this lands in the zone of electronic music. Certainly EDM is a valid heading, but I'd say, as I did before, that this qualifies as progressive rock. It has enough of an artsy vibe to bring the "art rock" heading, and much of this isn't that different from things like Synergy. So, I've put this one under that heading, too. I will say that some of this works better than others. While some tunes here have vocals, I tend to prefer the instrumentals. All in all, though, this is a strong album.

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Track by Track Review
Follow the Wild Geese (T-ROM Remix)

Imagine mixing weird percussive electronics that are a bit like Kraftwerk with something closer to a strange space rock. You'll be somewhere near the zone of this number.

Be There Soon (The Stunt Man's 13-bit Remix)
There is a bit of a dreamy vibe to the trippy groove that makes up this piece. I like this one quite a bit.
Sleeping in Tokyo (Kevin Ochoa Remix)
Coming in fairly mellow, there is a pretty electronic groove to this thing. It's one of the most interesting and successful pieces here, managing to gain some energy and intensity as it continues. While the first two had vocals, this one does not. It's also proggier than those two were.
Be There Soon (Manor Sound Remix)
There are real world music elements built into this remix. I definitely prefer the previous version, but this has its charms. There are some intriguing parts, particularly the strange drop down bit.
Be There Soon (T-ROM Remix)
A more percussive take, this is very much a dance music kind of thing. There is some cool proggy jamming for a time later, though. This also gets some reggae-like vibes at times.
60 Miles Up by Always Romantic
This piece is beautiful and powerful. The electronic keyboard elements and the entire approach make it decidedly progressive. This gets into some seriously classical zones, too. It's one of my favorites on the set. It also particularly powerful.
Muromigawa (Synthapex Remix)
Here is another cut that is more purely prog-based. The keyboard elements that drive this make me think of acts like Synergy. This is another standout track, too.too. This is one of the highlights of the set, making it a great choice for album closer.
60 Miles Up (Kevin Ochoa Remix)
As cool as the other version of this number was, I'm not as impressed by this remix. It is stranger. That much is certain. It's much more of a dance piece in some ways. It has some real oddities built into it, too, though.
Vancouver (Manor Sound Remix)

Mellower, slower and quite trippy, I like this quite a bit. It actually reminds me of some of my own music at times.

Be There Soon (B Wiley Remix)
This remix is fun and has some definite proggy elements built into it. I like it quite a bit.    .      
Follow the Wild Geese (Instrumental)
There are some great melodies built into this number. The keyboard sounds are all class, too. This is one of the highlights of the set, making it a great choice for album closer.
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