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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Eddy and the Backfires

Twenty Eight Years

Review by Gary Hill

This act is apparently one of the hottest German rockabilly bands out there. As good as this album is, I can see why. They have a great blend of old-school and modern sounds and always manage to keep it interesting.

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Track by Track Review
Rockin' Beauty
Blues and old-school rock and roll merge on this retro rocking piece. It's energetic and fun.
A slower tune, there is a bit of a punk edge added to the mix on this piece. I like the slide guitar on the piece.
C'mon Pretty Baby
There is a bit of an Elvis vibe on this retro rocker. It has a lot of energy and some great hooks. I love the main guitar riff on it.
A Cat Called Domino
I dig the old school rock and roll built into this fun rocker. This feels a bit like an electrified version of the Stray Cats to me in some ways.              
Highspeed Daddy
Now this up-tempo rocker really feels like the Stray Cats. It's so entertaining.
Hot Boilin' Engine
This is even stronger than the stuff that has come before it. It has an almost punk edge to it in some ways.
I Feel Rockin'
Built around an old-school rock and roll vibe, this has a great modern edge. I dig the guitar soloing on this thing. It's high-energy and suitably rocking.
Rock, Baby, Rock
The guitar work on this thing really brings the retro tones to bear. This is another fun rocker.
Teen Queen
There is a definite Elvis Presley element at play here.
Rock & Roll Guitar
This is another fun rock and roll groove.
Slipped My Mouth
Mean and a bit punky, this is another high-energy retro rocker. I love the cool jam mid-track.
The Tempter
The formula is mostly the same on this cut, but it's still an entertaining one.
My World Is You
Ever bit as retro as the rest of the album, this has more of a dramatic and mysterious tone. There are hints of Latin music here. The sound is classic and the delivery is strong. This is a highlight of the set and a great closer.
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