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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Mother Yeti

My Best Please

Review by Gary Hill

This is a hard rocking set that is very cool. It's set in an type of alternative rock that's built on modern and retro rock sounds. There is a lot of psychedelia in the mix, but there are plenty of other things here, too. A lot of times the vocals make me think of Jane's Addiction, and much of the time that comparison can apply to the music at least to some degree, too. Whatever you call this, it's a particularly effective set.

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Track by Track Review
Someones Happy
This comes in with a killer hard rocking jam. This has a real 1970s vibe as the vocals join. It's energetic, catchy and a lot of fun. It has a good balance between more rocking and mellower movements.
My Best Please
A bouncy acoustic guitar element opens this. It has a playful, cheery kind of vibe. This has a real psychedelic edge to it. It's a less direct number than the opener was, but it's loaded with charm. This definitely earns a parental advisory. The guitar solo section is melodic and brings a dreamy quality to the number.
Graceful Space
Psychedelia is laced all over this cut. It's a slower tune that has a real dreamy quality. I'm reminded a bit of Radiohead on this number. It has a nice variety to it, and there are some Beatles-like elements in place. This song works out toward shoegaze zones further down the road.
Wanted it Funny
Harder rocking, I love some of the guitar riffs on this. This whole tune reminds me of Jane's Addiction in a lot of ways. The closing section is furious and noisy, and so cool.
Roller Blade Shades
This is a funk showcase that feels like Prince. It's a fun number. It's also a major slab of variety. I can make out some definite David Bowie reference during parts of this, too.
All By Myself
There are some hints of vintage rock and roll in this, particularly in some of the guitar soloing. The tune has some great psychedelic elements along with grunge and more in the mix. It's one of the catchiest and instantly accessible pieces here.
Push the Weather
A mellower kind of number, there is a bit of a dreamy element here. This has some cool jazzy sounds along with psychedelic textures and more. It's quite an intriguing piece and has some cool guitar work. It gets a bit of a parental advisory.
Over My Head
I love the balance between harder rocking (in this case decidedly heavy) sounds and mellower ones on this. At times it leans toward heavy metal, while at other points it's quite psychedelic. There are some parts of that that get into shoegaze zones, while later parts have a real Jane's Addiction vibe.
In Your Eyes
That Jane's Addiction reference is all over this one, too. There is a great balance between the mellower and more rocking stuff on this number. It has a lot of psychedelia in the mix, too.
Sober Head
This hard rocker has some melodies that make me think of George Harrison on some of the guitar parts. That said, psychedelia, Jane's Addiction heaviness and more merge to create the bulk of the sound here. This gets into some of the harder rocking sounds of the whole set further down the road. It really is quite a powerhouse.
Get off on Mondays
Psychedelia, grunge and alternative rock are all elements of this tune. It's another solid slab of sonic delight. It works well, but is not a standout.
This is just a short, trippy instrumental piece that has some cool proggy textures.


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