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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Erin Coburn

Out from Under

Review by Gary Hill

This is an intriguing release. It has plenty of hard rock built into the songs. Yet, there is a real pop rock edge to most of it. The sound sort of modulates between those two angles. The result is a set that works quite well and should appeal to a pretty wide range of music fans.

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Track by Track Review
I like the rocking guitar riffing on this thing. This shows off the hard rocking side of a pop rock vibe. There are some solid hooks and cool arrangements built into this thing.
Diggin’ You Heavy
There is a real blues rock thing at play on this rocker. It's a bit heavier and harder edged than the opener was, but still has its share of strong hooks and catchy elements.
Fast Paced & Freakish
Even meatier, this has a bit of a dangerous edge to it. It is a classy cut that works quite well. This earns a parental advisory.
There is some nice psychedelia built into this thing as it starts. This is a mellower number, but it does a get a bit more rocking as it continues. There is a cool groove to this thing.
Out from Under
This is another that lands in the mellower zone, at least at the start. The tune has some serious blues textures. As it powers up after the first vocal movement it takes on jazz and blues rock textures. It's a powerhouse tune. The horn section brings something special to the cut. There is some killer guitar soloing further down the musical road on this thing.
Your Mind Gun
There is a classy rocking sound on this number. It has some dramatic vibes. We get some tasty guitar fills on the number, too.
The horns are back on this cut;. It's another potent blues rocker that works so well.
Trip On This

More of a balladic piece, this has some powered up sections. It's a good tune with more of that blues rock thing along with some dreamy textures. The guitar solo movement is a powerhouse and even leans toward heavy metal.

It’s Over (Virtual Reality)
This cut has a rock edge, but it is much more of a pop rock tune.
Snap In Half
Harder rocking and a bit mean, somehow this still manages to showcase a pop sensibility.
Guilty Mouth
There is a cool little answering machine message bit in the middle of this thing. The tune is a classy pop rocker that works pretty well. Horns are a nice touch on the song, too.
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