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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

Proud Creature

Opening Creature EP

Review by Gary Hill

This set is particularly interesting. The electronic vibe on it gives off different angles on different tracks. There are space rock moments and psychedelic ones. Perhaps Synergy is the biggest single reference point. It's a safe bet that if you enjoy that kind of electronic music from past decades you'll enjoy this.

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Track by Track Review
Major Trouble
Trippy elements bring this into being via electronics. There is a real dreamy quality to the cut as it works forward. The cut definitely has some tasty weirdness. It gets pretty energized and even wanders toward space music zones.
Discovery of the Future

Chiming bells and spacey sounds are on display here. This is very artsy and very space rock like. There are sections of this that definitely make me think of early Pink Floyd. It definitely has a lot of psychedelia in the mix. It's artsy for certain, as well.

The Rookery

A mellow electronic concept is at the heart of this. I'm reminded of things like Synergy to a large degree. There are some intriguing echoey things at play. This piece feels more grounded and organic than the previous one did. That said, there are still definite space concepts at play.


Synergy is a valid reference point here, too. There is quite a bit of space sound on the number. I like the growing and evolving melodies on the piece. There are some vocals on this, but they are way down in the mix and seem to be loops of some world music singing or chanting. The synthesizer displays some cool exploration as the cut gets more powered up later.

Eastern Lines

This has a spoken female voice in the backdrop. Again, I think it's a loop. The music here tends toward slow and mellow. It is a classy electronic piece with a real classic sound to it.

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