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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Todd Warner Moore

Overnight Flight

Review by Gary Hill

I've reviewed quite a few discs from Todd Warner Moore. This is his latest, and it might be his best. It also might make my best of 2020 list. We'll have to see as there are still several months for more stuff to come in, but I'd say there's a good chance it will make the cut. The mix of sounds here is great, and more importantly the songwriting is always strong.

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Track by Track Review
Overnight Flight
Coming in gentle and a bit dreamy, there seems to be both country and folk music in the mix here. Yet, the gentle vocals bring a real 1970s soft rock feeling to it
I love the dreamy kind of quality to this song. It has a great soft rock vibe. The mood is a bit on the trippy side, and there are such exceptional melodic modes here. In some ways, it's a bit understated, but it really shines and soars in other ways.
Folk music mixes with alternative pop on this gentle cut. Female backing vocals bring something special to it. There is so much charm and magic built into this gentle number.
Paul's Way
Folk and world music seem to merge on this bouncy and catchy little piece. The female vocals are a nice touch here, as well.          
Rite of Rain
An instrumental, this is gentle and pretty. Piano and classical strings paint pictures as the number moves forward.
Big Blue Wave
I love the intricate melodies on this. The overlayers of sound create intriguing moods and tones. There is a real gentle beauty to this number.
Masks (Fever Dreams)
A bit more electrified, there is a healthy helping of Americana built into this thing. It's rather slow moving, but it has a definite energy to it. There is a dreamy, almost alternative prog feeling to some of the later portions of this piece.
Wake Up Feeling Fine
There is a dreamy texture to this. The vocal arrangement makes good use of both male and female vocals. The tune has a sense of sort of a modern alternative pop treatment of a classic folk song arrangement.
Blossoming (The Other Side)
This instrumental does a good job of bringing it all down with style and charm. It's mellow and gentle and pretty.
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