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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Paul Haas

Long Long Time

Review by Gary Hill

This feels quite retro. That said, it doesn't fit into one time period. The music here all qualifies as country, but some of it lands more on the folk end of the spectrum. All of this is effective. The vocals are strong, the music well performed, and the songwriting is quite good. This is definitely set more in the classic country vein than connected to the modern pop country sound or even the modern hard rocking country style.

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Track by Track Review
She Told Me
Electric country sounds are on display as this opens. It's very old school in tone, with a real traditional vibe. While it has electric guitar, don't expect the more hard rocking side of modern country music. This is old-school stuff.
Long Long Time
I like the energy and groove of this tune. It's a fun piece with some hints of bluegrass in the mix. Yet, there is also a bit of a folk rock thing at play here. As strong as the opener was, this is an even better cut. It's just a lot of fun. Of course, there is a reason it's the title track. The fact that it's one of the highlights might contribute to that.
Shake It Up
There is a healthy helping of old school rock and roll in the mix here. This is packed full of energy. It's a "get up and move" kind of tune. I dig the violin (I suppose it's "fiddle" here), and the retro guitar solo is cool, too. There is a nice rhythm section showcase built into this, as well.
Listen To The Wind
I'm particularly fond of the instrumental melodies on the introduction to this piece. This lands more in the zone of folk meets country. It's a song that works particularly well. In fact, this is one of the highlights of the set.
I dig the folk rocking kind of vibe to this number. It makes me think of Jimmy Buffett just a bit. It's a fun little number that works well.
This Is How You Love Me
Down-home, mellow country music is on the menu here. This feels like something that would have been at home on a release from the 1940s.
Keep Telling Those Lies
An up-tempo old-school country number, this has a real hoedown, bluegrass vibe to it.
How Many Times
A fun and entertaining bluegrass styled romp, I like this one a lot. It's another highlight of the set.
Waste Of Time
I dig the energy and vibe of this number. It's catchy and more on the folk end of things than the country side. In some ways, this doesn't feel far removed from something Gordon Lightfoot might do. It has some solid hooks, and yes, there are still country elements at play.
Easy Lovin’
A country ballad closes the disc. This has a real classic, retro vibe to it. It's another that feels like it could have been released decades ago. It's an effective tune. It makes for a nice closer.
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