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Non-Prog CD Reviews


Play That Rock N' Roll

Review by Gary Hill

This new set is a real powerhouse. Don't expect a lot of polish here. This is raw rock and roll that leans heavily on the punk end of the spectrum. Most of it gets parental advisories at least in small ways, but I've specifically mentioned the most major contenders in the track reviews. This is not subtle and nor particularly original. It is, however, effective screaming hot hard rock.

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Track by Track Review
Ain't Gonna Stop
Cool noisy guitars seem to circle as the song and album open. The sounds of a flight crew are heard on this introduction. From there a killer riff driven jam emerges for the song proper. This is screaming hot with smoking hot rock and roll merging with a bit of a punky edge. This is party rock!
Gettin' Into Each Other's Pants
While this is a bit less mean in sound, it's still a high energy rocker. This is a fun stomper for certain. I guess the title gives you an idea of what this number is about. They even throw some hints of funk into this.
Deceptive Expectations
A mellower approach brings this in and calls to mind The Beatles just a bit. The tune screams out from there with a vaguely punky jam that is classy. The instrumental break on this is purely on fire. When they come out of that, the cut gets punkier again.
You Ain't The Boss Of Me
This meaty rocker has some definite hints of garage rock. I also make out the modern music of bands like D.O.A. This is a screaming hot stomper that works really well. Listen to the bass work on this thing. It will manage to surprise.
Bringin' It Back
Frantic, screaming hard rock, I'm reminded a bit of the more raw side of Guns 'N Roses. This is decidedly punky. It's also a killer, driving grind.
Play That Rock N' Roll
This blues rocker has some major country in the mix. While it's acoustic guitar based, this is not a ballad by any means. It also mentions the Ramones. This is a definite bit of variety and a lot of fun. There is definitely a bit of a Stray Cats thing to this in some ways.
That's A Thing
A straightforward hard rocking cut, this is tastefully noisy. There is plenty of punk in the mix here.
Last Time Again
Another punky screamer, this one is just plain mean. It's absolutely on fire. I'd consider this powerhouse to be one of the highlights of the set, really.
Die Alone
Blues rock taken to levels Lemmy would have loved, this is another powerhouse stomper. This gets the most prominent advisory warning of the set. It is also another of the standout pieces. The guitar work is just so tasty.
Dead, Jail or Rock n' Roll
A literal screamer, the punk edge of this is strong. This is noisy, driving and cool. There's an 'f bomb" dropped at the end of this.
A Certain Girl (Bonus Track)
Old school rock and roll merges with garage rock and a real punk rock vibe here. While I don't think this stands up with some of the rest, it's still very strong. Besides, it's a bonus tune.


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