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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Patsy Thompson

Fabulous Day

Review by Gary Hill

This is an interesting album. The range of sounds here is quite wide. All the music is retro in style, but some songs less so than others. There are at least hints of country music in everything here. Other styles touched up include jazz, pop rock and more.

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Track by Track Review
Fabulous Day
The title track opens the set. The cut is a balladic one with a lot of Americana and some hints of country in the mix.
Neon Lights
A more energized song, country and pop rock seem to be merged on this cut. The number has some great hooks. I like the vocal performance on this one a lot. I’d consider this tune to be a highlight of the set.
Picking You Up
There is a meaty electric guitar texture here. This has a lot of country and rockabilly in the mix. I love the energy and the hooks work well. The slide guitar is a nice touch.
A balladic cut, there is a suitably dreamy vibe to this. It has such a classic sound that I thought it must be a cover, but it’s not. The echoey guitar bits bring some country to the thing, but the whole arrangement seems to lean in that direction.
I Can't Be in Love with You Tonight
A more rocking piece, this has a country rock vibe, but the emphasis seems to be on the rock end of the equation. The backing vocals here bring something special. There are some great hooks, and the track brings some variety.
Misery and Gin
Jazz and country are merged together on this slow moving number. It has a shuffling vibe and vintage sound that seems like it would have been at home in the 1930s. It’s brings a lot of variety, and is actually one of my favorite tunes of the disc. I dig the vintage country guitar picking a lot. It really enhances the mood.
There is suitably a lot of passion in this piece. The song has a vintage texture, feeling like something that would have been at home in some Spanish club with people dancing the tango. There is some expressive Spanish guitar. The violin brings magic, as well. This number is another one that brings variety. It’s also another highlight.
Someone to Blame
More of a rocking cut, this still has some country in the mix. It’s got catchy hooks and meaty instrumental elements. While it’s not a standout, it is strong.
Joy Ride
Intricate acoustic guitar is on hand as this starts. The vocals come in over the top, and the arrangement fills out from there after a time. This cut a lot of style and charm. It also has good hooks and gets more powered up as it continues. There is a definite country angle to the song.
I Think About You
Old-time country music drives this. There is a bit of a 50s rock and roll vibe to it, too. While this brings some variety, it’s not one of my favorites. It definitely showcases some great retro stylings in a track that’s more or less a ballad, though. The instrumental section later brings some real old time country and western sound to it.
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