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Progressive Rock CD Reviews


Pulling for You

Review by Gary Hill

This is not really a band, but rather a one-man show. That one person is Andy Blunda. I previously reviewed another set from him and put it under progressive rock. I talked in that review about how it wasn't a perfect fit. Those things are true this time, as well. This is definitely not old-school prog, but it has enough in common with shoegaze, dream-pop and acts like Radiohead that I think it fits under prog. It's a varied and entertaining set whether you agree with that categorization or not.

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Track by Track Review
Dramatic proggy elements with definite alternative rock hints start the set. The track works out from there. Some killer echoey guitar glides across after a time. Eventually the vocals join, and we're in the song proper. There is a definite dreamy Radiohead kind of element to this number. I love the energized groove as this drives onward before eventually peaking and dropping back for the outro.
Pulling For You

The vocals start this one. The guitar rises up to join. That holds it for a short time, but then some synthesizer is added to the mix. The tune eventually works out from there into a bouncy kind of jam that is classy. This works through a few changes. It's perhaps not the proggiest thing here, but has its proggy angles.


I love the shoegaze meets dream-pop vibe of this cut. This is definitely another that calls to mind Radiohead. The cut is a potent one that works incredibly well. It's a beautiful ride that's among the highlights of the disc.

Golden Heart

Dreamy and atmospheric, this is a trippy kind of groove. There are some exceptional textures and sounds built into this thing. It is a highlight of the disc. It's also one of the most directly proggy things here.

Carry On

A more stripped down arrangement of guitar and voice brings this number into being. The cut works outward from there with additional layers augmenting it. There is a lot of roots music built into this, but it's tempered with plenty of alternative prog.

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