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Non-Prog CD Reviews

The Cole Patenaude Band

Are You Happy Now?

Review by Gary Hill

This act might not be the most original band you've ever heard. The sound they create isn't breaking any molds. Instead, they are creating music that lives within the world of acts like The Band, Little Feat and others. They are just doing it extremely well. That makes this quite an entertaining set.

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Track by Track Review
There is a classic blues rock roots vibe as the guitar riff brings this into being. Horns are a nice touch as the arrangement fills out. The tune has a great groove, and real classic soulful vibe to it. There is a real good-time feeling to this. I love the guitar fills on the track.
For The Money
There is a definite country edge to this piece. It's merged with some hints of blues. The piano brings a boogie-woogie sort of vibe. This is an old-school type tune that calls to mind groups like The Band and Little Feat. It's another entertaining song. The piano really steals the show in a killer old-school solo.
Would You Be Mine
This is a cut that's built on a very familiar structure. This isn't all that original, but it is a lot of fun. It's just a catchy, sing-along type tune. They do bring some Island vibes into it later that are a nice touch. The instrumental break is an energetic romp.
How To Love
A shuffling, dreamy kind of vibe is at the core of this tune. There is a real roots music goes alternative sound to this number. It is a nice change and one of my favorites here.

Electric blues guitar opens this cut. The tune turns out to more of a retro sounding rocker. The horns lend something special, and there are hints of modern alternative rock here. The guitar solo is pure old-school blues class.

Good Enough

This ballad is a bit sad. It has a real country meets folk vibe to it. It's another standout cut. It seems packed with emotion. There is a real dreamy groove to the cut later.

Barely Alive

A bluesy rocker, the main riff on this makes me think of ZZ Top to some degree. The organ lends some serious retro flair. The guitar solo is meaty.

I Need A Win
This comes in mellower than anything else here. It gets more rocking as it continues but still remains largely on the mellower side. There is a great vocal arrangement and the keyboards bring a lot of magic to it.
Are You Happy Now?
More of a pure blues stomper, the guitar work on this is among the best of the set. This is actually one of the highlights here, making it a great choice for parting shot. This turns positively incendiary before it's over.
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