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Destination Health: Doc Feelgood's Rock Therapy 30 Bop Pills For Your Recovery

Review by Gary Hill

With a global pandemic changing life around us for the bulk of 2020, Bear Family Records have assembled this cool set of songs that are topical. This looks at music related to previous epidemic and health concerns. I like this collection a lot. In fact, I'd say it's one of their better ones. As you expect from anything these guys put out, it's also classy in terms of packaging as they've included a massive booklet with all kinds of information about the music contained within.

This review is available in book (paperback and hardcover) form in Music Street Journal: 2020  Volume 5. More information and purchase links can be found at:

Track by Track Review
Johnny Burnette & The Rock'n'Roll Trio - Rock Therapy
Old school rock and roll built heavily on a rockabilly foundation, this has hints of jazz in the way they throw some screaming jamming into it. This seems very much like the kind of thing that probably heavily influenced The Stray Cats.
Benn Joe Zeppa "Hot Notes" - Doctor, Doctor
Energetic and catchy, this is a fun retro rock and roller.
The Crows - Call A Doctor
A mellower, doo wop styled cut, there is a definite barbershop quartet element to this number.
The McGuire Sisters - Achoo-Cha-Cha (Gesundheit)
This one has a lot of jazz in it. It's the pop music of the day. It's theatrical, entertaining and a lot of fun. This is not my kind of music, but the variety and entertainment level that it brings puts it as one of my favorites here.
Herbert Hunter - Doctor Feel-Good

Now we are back into the rock and roll zones with another energetic cut. This has a blues vibe to it.

Dennis Bell - Quarantine
A bouncy cut, this seems like something from a musical. It's playful and theatrical.
Ebe Sneezer & The Epidemics - Asiatic Flu

There is a lot of country music in the mix here. It has some rock and roll in the mix, too. This is another that's playful.  It's packed full of sneezing, too. This is essentially a novelty song.

Bo Diddley - Pills
Arguably one of the most important people in the history of rock and roll, this is a killer Bo Diddley number. It's a fun romp that seems similar to some of Chuck Berry's music.
Floyd Dixon - Red Cherries
I dig the piano that starts this cut. The number is built on some cool jazzy blues sound. It's a bit slower in tempo, but it's so classy.
Macy Skipper - Bop Pills
This old school rock and roller is so much fun. It's one of the highlights here. It's energetic and solid. I love the guitar fills on this, and the piano is noteworthy, too.
Doctor Ross - The Boogie Disease
Much more of a blues, tune, I can hear some Robert Johnson reference on this tune. The echoey guitar is cool, and the number has a great groove.
Carl Perkins - Boppin' The Blues
This rockabilly number has a great energy and vibe. It's a fun song.
Joey Nepote with Orchestra H.B. Barnum - Doctor, Doctor, Doctor
The recording on this sounds a bit noisy. The tune is a solid rock and roller with some hints of jazz, though. I really dig the killer instrumental section built around a saxophone solo.
Woody Herman & His Orchestra - Doctor Jazz
A full jazz treatment is on display here. Then again the name of the artist should have given that away. The vocal performance brings some blues to the tune. There is some killer jamming on this song.
Richard Allen - Doctor In Love
This is another with plenty of jazz in the mix. This leans toward more theatrical and crooner zones, though. It's a classy cut, though.
Louis Jordan - Rock Doc
Rock and roll merges with jazz on this rousing cut. There is plenty of blues built into this killer tune, too. This is one of my favorites here. It works so well.
Little Willie Littlefield - Drinkin' Hadacol
Blues, jazz and rock and roll merge on this bouncy tune. The song is fun, but not a standout. I dig the piano and saxophone soloing here a lot.
The Knockouts - Fever
I love the cool riff that opens this track. The vocals are low-register and so cool. I love this take on the old chestnut. This might be my favorite tune here.
Lonnie Miley - Satellite Fever-Asiatic Flu
A bouncy rock and roller, this is an entertaining groove.
Huey 'Piano' Smith & The Clowns - Tu-Ber-Cu-Lucas And The Sinus Blues
As you might guess, this has some prominent piano. It's a bluesy number with some real jazz in the mix. 
Les Baxter & his Orchestra - Medic (From the TV series)
This theme song is quite classical with chorale styled vocals.
Noro Morales - Vitamina
There is a cool Latin groove and vibe to this instrumental number. While the piano grabs a lot of the limelight, the percussion really shows off, too.
Homer 'Zeke' Clemons & his Texas Swingbillies - Operation Blues #2
Old school hillbilly blues is on display here. I'm not a big fan of this one, but it has its charms.
George Chisholm & The Blue Notes feat. Bert Weedon - D.R. Rock
I dig the jazzy rocking groove on this smoking hot number. This instrumental is among the best music here.
Their Singing Bodies - Diagnosis Neurosis
Bouncy rock and roll is the idea here. This is entertaining but not a standout.        
Tab Hunter - PSA (Public Service Announcement) for Mental Health Association
This is precisely what it says it is.
The Mysterions - Amnesia
Starting with the title declaration, the cut is an instrumental from there. This is a bouncy and fun little guitar rocker. It leans toward surf guitar just a tiny bit.                 
Big Jay McNeely & His Band - Psycho Serenade
Another energetic rocker, this has a real party vibe to it. It's quite entertaining. This is another highlight of the set.
Hasil Adkins - She Said
More of a raw sound is on hand here. This is very retro and real in sound. It has a rather stripped back arrangement. It's fun, but also weird.
Sonny Burgess & The Pacers - Feelin' Good
Classy rock and roll is on display here. This has such a great old school sound to it. The energy and groove are great, as well. This is one of the stronger tunes here, making it a great choice for closer.
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