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Non-Prog CD Reviews

David Thompson

the wall

Review by Gary Hill

Do you remember the electronic pop music of the 1980s? If you do, you'll find familiar elements here. This collection of five songs brings a bit of an indie DIY vibe to that sound, but otherwise captures it pretty well. This is solid, if a bit monolithic. It should be noted that lack of capital letters and proper punctuation on the titles is all part of the artist's stylization.

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Track by Track Review
This has some odd keyboard textures as it opens. The cut grows out with a jam that feels a lot like Kraftwerk. The vocals that come overboard have a real 80s sound to them, landing this in a lo-fi 80s electronic sort of zone.      
the wall
The title track has that same keyboard basis. There is a blue-eyed soul element at play, too. There is a definite 80s vibe to the piece, and it has a real dance music quality.
this goon cant

80s electropop is the order of business here. This tune has some real charms, but doesn't really stand apart from the sounds we've heard so far. It sort of feels like an "also ran." There is a healthy helping of that soul element in play on the tune.

Now, this is a much needed change. There is a real psychedelic Beatles sort of vibe to the number. It still has plenty of that 80s vibe, too, though.
Energetic and electronic, this lands closer to crazed dance music. There is a definite lo-fi texture to it, and it still manages to have some of that 80s thing on display.
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