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Review by Gary Hill

There are definitely hints of heavy metal at times here, but more often industrial music. That said, the electronic elements are one of the largest driving factors, leaning it toward EDM. Intriguingly enough, world music is one of the other largest influences here. That makes for an unusual, but effective, combination.

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Track by Track Review
There is world music with a bit of an EDM element built in on this introductory piece. This is very much a techno type of tune.

There is definitely a world music angle brought to this via the vocal parts that call to mind both Native American singing and throat-singing. This is a powerhouse metallic rocker beyond that.


While this still has some of that world music element, this is more of a pure industrial metal stomper. It has some more traditional vocals.


Techno meets EDM on this number. It's energetic, a bit catchy and effective, but not a stand out.


Not a big change, this focuses on the electronic dance music turned techno concepts.

Turbo Tommy

There is a cool Celtic groove and melody here. This is electronic music with class beyond that.


This is in German. It's a rather playful kind of electronic track. The EDM and techno elements are all over this thing. It has hints of the symphonic.


Bouncy, driving and so classy, this thing is pure EDM styled fun. There is a lot of world music built into it.

What Happened?

This almost feels like a combination of world music, techno and pop like Lady Gaga. It's a fun romp.

Bom Bom Wake Up

I dig the mix of world music melodies and killer electronic pop music sounds. The energy and groove on this is great. The hooks are catchy. This is classy stuff.


This gets a parental advisory, but you can probably gather that from the title and the fact that it's edited in the online version. This is a screaming hot techno stomper, with the title delivered as a sampled bit. It shifts out for a bit of world music further down the road.

Custom Gustaf

This techno based stomper has enough of that EDM thing on hand, too. This is a real stomper that almost leans toward metal at times. Yet there is almost a dark and spooky angle.

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