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Non-Prog CD Reviews


Wax On

Review by Gary Hill

This thing almost landed under progressive rock. There is a lot of electronic music basis here, calling to mind people like Synergy and Kraftwerk. Overall, though, I think it fits more under the Electronic Dance Music heading. Whatever you call it, though, there are some great tunes here. It's entertaining and fairly varied from start to finish.

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Track by Track Review
Get Yourself Together
A weird processed non-lyrical vocal part starts this in unusual and stylish ways. The cut moves into some cool spacey modes from there. This has a bit of an EDM vibe, but also calls to mind things ranging from Kraftwerk to Synergy. Other than some more vocalizations, this is an instrumental.
It's So Hard to Reach You

There is a cool EDM meets fusion groove at play on this number. It's a classy tune that has some real space elements at play, too. It is definitely another trippy groove, and it seriously makes me think of Synergy.


This groove is energetic bouncy and fun. There are hints of space merged with the EDM on hand. It's another classy piece.


There is a spoken sound bite in the mix as this gets under way. The tune fires out in rocking, energized ways from there. This is another that has space elements at play. It's very firmly set in EDM zones. Those spoken parts reappear here and there as it moves forward. There are some symphonic elements at play, too.


A number of sound clips of a person trying to find the right words are a big part of the mix on this tune. He does get his thoughts together at times. It's a cool cut with space and EDM vying for control.

Forever Alone

 There are trippy EDM elements at the core of this cut. The number has a lot of energy and a classy groove. There are female vocals that are likely sampled.

Wet Notes
This killer cut has some more female vocals that I would imagine are sampled. There are some male spoken voices, too. It also has a killer jazzy groove. It's one of my favorite tunes here. It's not a big change, but it's a particularly effective number.
I dig the electronic groove on this cut a lot. There are vocals of the spoken variety on this tune. The EDM concepts are at the core of this. This is another classy tune.
Waiting Room
There is some killer funk added to the mix on this killer tune. This is energized and classy.
Breakfast in IKEA
With a spoken female voice starting with the title and then describing breakfast choices, this is another killer EDM styled piece.
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