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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

Silverback Colony

I Want More (digital single)

Review by Gary Hill

This is just one song, so it's a single, but given the epic length of the piece, over eleven-minutes, it almost feels more like an EP. That effect is amplified by the fact that the track really does evolve during that length. In some ways this is closer to a roots rock approach, which would land it somewhere other than the prog heading. However, there is a lot of prog rock in the extended instrumental movement. That added to the epic quality of this lands it under prog for me.

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Track by Track Review
I Want More
There is a haunting, dissonant and unsettling quality as vocals are heard over the top of piano. Roots music is at the core of this. You can really feel pain and emptiness in the vocal delivery. After the two-minute mark, more instrumentation is added to the mix, and begins to take on a real driving rock energy to it. Yet, the core sounds are still in the driver's seat. The song continues to explore, getting into some seriously proggy psychedelic zones in an extended instrumental section. That movement really brings the prog home to roost, but also brings a jam band element to things. The vocals return for a while later, but overall the bulk of the piece is made up with this extended instrument only movement that is decidedly prog-oriented. It moves downward to the piano and vocal arrangement that started it to end, creating a real bookend feeling.
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