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Bludgers Five

Review by Gary Hill

This new EP comes from a band that were formed in Champaign, Illinois. I used to live near there, and I know that other famous bands who came from that area include REO Speedwagon and Head East. These guys don't sound like those acts, though. In fact, listening to this it's heard to decide where they come from based on the music. There are moments when I thought they were from the South. At other times they seem like they could have hailed from the UK. Then again, that makes sense as the lineup includes people from all over the US and one person from New Zealand. This disc features five songs that all land somewhere in the vicinity of mainstream rock and Americana. It's all pretty effective and varied enough to avoid feeling monotonous or repetitive.

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Track by Track Review
Dirty Laundry
The cool rock motif that opens this cut has some hints of country built into it. As the vocals join there is more of that leaning. Really, the cut is a classic slab of Americana. I dig the meaty guitar sound and the vocal hooks are great.
Frozen Ground
The guitar soloing really brings that country edge to this cut. Overall it's more of a roots rocker with a classic rock feel. Yet there are some hints of Americana in the mix, too.
More Things You Don’t Need
There is a lot more country in this tune. The number is more on the mellower, moody, balladic end of the spectrum than the two openers were. It positively smacks of Americana. I tend to think that the extended instrumental closing section goes on a bit too long. Otherwise this is a solid tune that brings a little variety.
Saint Monday
More stripped back, a bit like a singer-songwriter type piece, this has more classic and alternative rock built into it. Yet it's another ballad-like tune. It gets more rocking further down the road. There are parts that make me think of The Beatles just a little. The wall of vocals section later is cool, too.
Full Steam Behind
We're back into more rocking zones. This has a lot more of an alternative pop rock vibe. It's catchy and strong. It feels like it could have been on the radio in the late 1970s.
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