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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Madd Scientist

New Day

Review by Gary Hill

This fairly short hip hop EP is solid and entertaining. There is a decent range of sound, but it all leans toward the electronic, dance oriented zone. One song earns some definite parental advisories, but this avoids a lot of the more questionable lyrical content associated with a lot of hip hop for the most part. I have to say that this is pretty high quality. I'm not a big hip hop fan, but I do have artists I enjoy a lot, and I can appreciate a lot of it. This definitely works well for me.

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Track by Track Review
Foreign Life
Little bits of keyboard sound bring this into being. The percussion joins, and then the vocal line. I dig the groove and mood of this. There is an interesting almost science fiction element to some of the dance music things in the mix.
Madd Krazy
There is a female vocal on the introduction here. This number has a cool electronic dance groove to it. The vocals here are more sung than rapped. There is just a little more processing than I like on those vocals, but it's not as overboard as it is on a lot of modern pop music.
Take Flight
This feels a bit meaner. It still has electronics and dance concepts on display, but there is a meatier edge. This is more of a pure hip hop tune than the previous cut was, but it has some good sung chorus hooks.
You Nasty
This cut gets a definite parental advisory. It has a bouncy kind of electronic music backdrop.
Grinding Me (Gucci Girl)
More of a melodic groove is on display here. It's an effective piece.
And I
More of an electronic mellow dance piece, this has a lot of style and charm.
The music in the backdrop of this is a bit strange and too artificial for my tastes. The rap, though, has a great flow and a real life story quality. That elevates the number.
Grinding Me (Gucci Girl) (Remix)
As advertised, here we get a remix of the earlier tune. I think I like this version better. It just has such a catchy vibe and groove.
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