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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Sugar Addikt


Review by Gary Hill

This is an intriguing outfit. It's a mother and son from the Seattle area. Bo Littrell does all the sound design and instrumentation while Vanessa Littrell provides the vocals and lyrics. In terms of musical territory, this is intriguing. It seems bounded on one end by electronic art music, and the other with electronic dance music. There is plenty of pop built into the structures in between. This EP is quite effective, making it a great introduction.

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Track by Track Review
There is an electronic dance music and pop concept at the heart of this. There are both spoken and sung vocals in the mix. Some of the sung vocals make me think of Kate Bush to some degree. This is a strong tune. It is a fun, mainstream piece, but it also has a lot of art built into it.
Change It
The EDM elements are the driving factors on this. The cut has a lot more energy and driving groove to it. This would be sure to send people to the dance floor.
Electronic pop based, there is a cool artsy vibe to this number. It's another solid tune on a disc full of strong music. I can make out more of that Kate Bush thing here. While there is a dance music backdrop to this piece, I'd consider this one to be art rock.
New Dawn
The dance music concept is in full control on this. I love the vocal arrangement. The lyrics are very positive. This has a great energy and is a real winner. It's not even my kind of music, but I'd consider this a highlight of the set.
I love the organ sound on this. The number has a lot of driving energy and a great groove. This is another fun song. It seems to land somewhere between the more artsy and dance side of the equation. The vocal arrangement is among the best here.
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