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Progressive Rock CD Reviews


Oblivious (vinyl)

Review by Gary Hill

I previously reviewed a set from Anthony W. Rogers. This release is from him, but this time under a band name. This new record is largely topical. It has a lot of the same eclectic, experimental sounds heard on the previous set. It's not all decidedly prog, but the general concept qualifies, as does a lot of the music. Whatever you call this, it's unique and compelling.

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Track by Track Review
Daddy Got Played

There is a sound-bite that opens this. The cut works out from there to an unusual song that features some hip hop elements, Beatles-like concepts, Frank Zappa changes and more. This is a strange, but also oddly compelling piece. It even has some forays into psychedelia. The closing section is short and pretty bizarre in texture. Yet, it's also effective.

Substitute for Science
An instrumental tune, this is a full on prog jam that is stylish and classy. It's one of my favorite things here.
More of a mainstream pop rock number, this has its charms, but it's not at the same level as the tunes that preceded it. That said, I really dig the backing vocals on this cut, and there are some great 70s rock elements in the mix. I am reminded of Todd Rundgren a bit on this. It earns a bit of a parental advisory.
Covid Beach
A bouncing kind of beach rocker, this is topical. It's like a twisted Beach Boys number. There is a lot of dark humor in this cut.
There is some heavy metal built into the opening of this cut. The number has some alternative rock and more as it continues. I'm again reminded a little of Todd Rundgren, but even more of the Canadian band Max Webster. I love the guitar solo on this thing.
3 for $12.99
There is an unusual dense arrangement to this cut. The number has a bouncing, driving kind of sound to it.
William Burns

I love the dramatic mellower tones that bring this cut into being. This evolves and develops in some intriguing ways. I like this instrumental a lot.

Invisible Mask
Imagine combining the Beach Boys with Frank Zappa. It would likely sound a lot like this short tune.
Wish Away
We're definitely back in Rundgren like zones on this cut. The killer instrumental section at the end really is one of the best musical passages of the album.
At just a little over a minute-and-a-half, this is a short track. It's also a tastefully weird one.
I like this a lot. There is a jazzy kind of groove to it. Think of merging Steely Dan with Todd Rundgren. This gets a parental advisory.
Karen for Hire
A dense and tastefully strange arrangement is on the menu here. This has a twisted kind of artsy approach. I can make out more of that Rundgren thing on the song. This is another brief tune.
Rain Cloud
This makes me think of The Shaggs just a bit. It also has some elements of Zappa in the mix.
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