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Destination Lust 2: Chicksville U.S.A.! The World Of Love, Sex And Violence - 33 Erotic Fantasies from the Vaults

Review by Gary Hill

I recently reviewed the first installment of "Destination Lust." I think this is the more consistent set of the two, but both have a lot of shining moments. This is music with a rather risque theme to them, but I imagine you figured that out. There is old-time rock and roll, jazz, musical theater and more on display here.

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Track by Track Review
Jimmy Gray - Chicksvile U.S.A.
With old school rock and roll that has some jazz in the mix, this opener is a lot of fun. It's a cool retro groove.
Barney Kessel - Honey Rock
Feeling a little silly, this has a novelty record vibe. It does have a playful vibe to it.
Betty Dickson - Shanty Tramp
Now, this works a bit better. It's an energetic cut. The lyrics definitely have a risqué side to them.
Debby Moore - I Get A Feeling
This is a sultry jazz groove. Although it is definitely dated, it somehow oozes a timeless kind of magic. I dig the little vibraphone bit a lot.
Marilyn Monroe - I Want To Be Loved By You
It's a pretty safe bet that anyone reading this has heard at least part of this tune. It's a classic. The strings and other instrumentation do a good job of lending theatrical backing to Marilyn Monroe's trademark vocals. This is entertaining even today.
Dinah Washington - Big Long Slidin' Thing
I love the soulful jazzy groove of this cut. It's a fun tune with some double entendres.     
Big Jay McNeely - Man Eater
This instrumental is energetic and fun. It's one of the highlights of the disc with its killer jazz stylings.
Billy Darnell - Sixty Minute Man
I reviewed another version of this song on a different album this issue. This is an energetic and fun tune with risqué lyrics.
Dorothy Collins - Let's Do It
This is a variant on the classic Cole Porter tune. There is it's "Let's Cha Cha Cha" instead of "Let's fall in love." Of course, with that lyrical change, we also get a Cha Cha Cha type version of the track.      
Cleo Laine - Let's Slip Away
I love the meaty jazz groove on this number. It's a particularly classy song.        
Felix & His Fabulous Cats - Hey Tiger
This is a powerhouse tune. It has a lot of old school rock and roll along with plenty of jazz, all woven into a smoking hot instrumental. This is one of the highlights of the set.
Mabel Scott - Yes
This jazzy little song feels a bit silly to me because of the of the over-the-top vocal delivery. Still, I suppose it's fun.
Gale Warning (Frances Day) - Met Rock
This jazz romp is pretty cool. I love the stand-up bass playing on the tune.
Dianne Maxwell - Love Charms
A cool retro groove is on the agenda here. This is retro in texture, but classy in tone and style.
Pat Morrissey - Trapped In The Web Of Love
I really like the dramatic jazz textures in control of this. There's a bit of Duke Ellington's "It Don't Mean A Thing" at the end of this number.
Berlingeri & His Orchestra - Lolita
Jazz and classical music merge on this tune. This instrumental is dramatic and solid.
Hermanas Serrana - Casanova
There is an operatic musical theater feeling to this cut. It's alright, but not really my thing. It's not at the level of a lot of the other music here.
Jeri Southern - SeƱor Blues
This has some particularly tasty old-school rock and roll and jazz in the mix. It's another standout of the set.   
Ken Kash Kwintet - The Dig
A playful instrumental jazz piece with some old school rock and roll at its core, this is all class.
Johnny Wright - Look At That Chick
Some killer saxophone really brings a lot of style to this vintage rock and roller. There are a few lyrics, but it's nearly an instrumental.       
Gale Warning (Frances Day) - Heartbreak Hotel
This show tune styled take on the classic tune doesn't work that well for me. It's a bit over-the-top. The instrumental jam is potent, though.
King Rock & The Knights - Scandal
Surf guitar music is the order of business here. This is a classy instrumental.
Lincoln Chase - Sweet Torture
Here we get another jazzy number.  
The Sinners - Slave Chain
This surf-styled instrumental reminds me of the song "Tequila" to a large degree. I dig the saxophone soloing on it a lot.
Que Martin & His Band - Work With It
A high-energy rock and roller, this is fun.   
Kay Martin & Her Body Guards - Fever
I have always enjoyed this piece in its various incarnations. This is no exception. It has a bit of a trippy, jazzy kind of arrangement.
Felix & His Fabulous Cats - Savage Girl
This is a powerhouse old school rocker that has a lot of cool textures and sounds. There is a lot of surf music here, along with some jazz and more. This is one of my favorites of the set.
Ruth Wallis - Man, It's A Jungle
An energized and fun tune with a lot of jazz in the mix, this works pretty well.
Sam 'The Man' Taylor - Man, That's Choice
A jazzy romp, this is energetic and fun. It's another classy piece of music.
The Upsetters - The Strip
Old school instrumental rock and roll is the concept here. It's another standout.    
Jayne Mansfield - Too Hot To Handle (Film Version)
As you might guess, there is a lot of musical theater in the mix here. It works pretty well, but is not a standout for me.    
Roy Young - Taboo
Old time rock and roll rules this tune.          
Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers - Can Can '62
This is just what you would expect, a playful sort of arrangement of the "Can Can." It has some jazz, rock and roll and more in the mix.



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