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Review by Gary Hill

This is an intriguing, if uneven, set. There is an artsy quality to a lot of it. Yet, there is a lot of range from folk music to Americana, punk rock, jazz and more. Overall it probably fits under indie or alternative rock more than anything else. There is a lot of interesting music here.

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Track by Track Review
Crocodile Tears
Horn sounds bring this into being. A weird sort of art rock meets alternative vibe takes over as the vocals are added to a more complete, but still restrained approach. It reminds me a lot of the early punk meets art rock type of music. The cut is intriguing and gets a bit more pure rock based further along the road.
I like the energy and driving momentum of this alternative rocker. It still has some artsy elements brought mostly by the multiple layers of vocals. The cut is a classy number with some definite elements of shoegaze in the mix.
The Scenery
A much punkier piece, this has some great garage band sound at play, too. It's another with a lot of vitality.
There is a haunting kind of mellower Americana texture here. This is a solid tune that brings a different angle to the set.
A Clearing
More of a pure alternative rock concept is on the menu here. It's still on the understated side, though.
Nothing Lasts Forever
This is an unusual piece. The musical arrangement is essentially just a bass, some minor drumming and a horn. The vocals are delivered over this stripped back concept. It creates a jazzy, artsy kind of texture that is classy. I'd consider this to be one of the highlights of the disc, really.
Before the End
Another big departure, there is a hard rocking distorted concept to the musical arrangement here. That said, it's essentially drums and bass. This makes me think of Lenny Kravitz a little from a musical arrangement point of view. The vocals are, of course, the big departure from that. This is another with a lot of artsy elements at play.
You’re Gonna Destroy Me
A folky kind of number, this is another bit of variety. It's also another cool piece. It has a good energy and groove to it.
Chasing Ghosts
A bit moodier, this also shares the folk music concept with the last track.
Bad Bad Habit
I really dig the cool Americana vibe on this one. It's another highlight of the set. The whole tone is great, and the hooks are effective.
Ooh Boy
This song has a really weird sound to it, like a tape that has some flaws causing pitch bend. The number has an alternative rock vibe to it overall, but that twisted element brings more of an artsy vibe. I'm just not sure it's completely successful.
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