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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

Bob Holz

Live In New York And LA

Review by Gary Hill

I've reviewed several releases from Bob Holz in the past. We land him under progressive rock at Music Street Journal largely because there is a lot of fusion in the mix. Since fusion essentially lands just on the jazz side from jazz prog, it makes sense to me. I have to say that if I classified this strictly on the music of the disc, and not the previous works I've reviewed, it might not make that cut. Now, don't take that to mean I don't like this. It's a great album. It's just, perhaps, less fusion-based than some of the others. Don't get me wrong, you'll still find some real moments of fusion, but there is more pure jazz and a lot of blues here. While the majority of the tracks are instrumental, a few have vocals. However you label it, though, this is an effective set.

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Track by Track Review
All Blues
This is a classy kind of a jazz journey. As you might guess from the title, there is a lot of blues built into this thing. There is some seriously smoking hot guitar soloing on this track in the instrumental segment later.
Little Sunflower
This one is more purely fusion oriented. It has some killer shifts and changes. While it's not as immediately accessible, it is quite meaty. There is a percussive break out movement, and some killer jamming emerges from there.
A Night In Tunisia
The vocals are back on this song, and this comes in more along the lines of traditional jazz in some ways. That said, there is still a lot of fusion built into it. The instrumental jam later in the piece features some pretty crazed piano work.
Blue Mashed Potatoes
With some particularly classy guitar work, this is another killer blues based piece.
Georgia On My Mind
We get more bluesy jamming here. This is another slab of pure class.
Blues For C.C.
I love the guitar playing on this killer blues tune. There is also some smoking hot bass work in the mix on this thing.
Jammin' Man
There really is some smoking hot jamming built into this number. It still has some blues in the mix, but overall is major fusion. It's a real powerhouse tune, and one of my favorites here.
Another killer fusion jam, this is a great tune, too. The keys really get to shine here, but everyone puts in a stellar performance.
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