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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Matthew Austin Hunt


Review by Gary Hill

I reviewed a previous set from Matthew Austin Hunt. This one is stronger than that disc. There were some awkward edges to some of the music on that first release. Those have been eliminated here. This release has more of a country element than that disc did. I mean, there were country angles to the other one, and they aren't on every single song here, either, but they are definitely more prevalent this time around.

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Track by Track Review
This comes in with a dramatic and powerful rocking sound. It drops back to a mellower  and more stripped back arrangement for the vocals. It builds out to the more rocking zones to continue.
Things I Find
After a dramatic introduction, this works out to a balladic country song. It's effective, but not one of my favorites here.
Going Home
Structurally this isn't all that different from the last tune. Somehow it's stronger, though. It gets pretty involved and powerful before it's over, definitely rising beyond it's mellower early concepts. This has some great hooks.
Drink You Off My Mind
More of an energetic cut, the country is all over this piece. I love the instrumental fills, and the whole tune is packed with magic. This is one of the highlights of the disc.
Less up-tempo, this has a real country meets folk rock vibe to it. The instrumental arrangement is involved and so tasty.
Healin’ Time
There is some zydeco in the mix on this tune. It's an up-tempo number that's so much fun. This is one of the highlights of the set.
These Chains
I like this song a lot, too. It occupies a space between folk rock and country music. It's evocative, dramatic and potent. It's another standout here. A bridge later in the track brings waves of magic to the cut, even leaning just a little toward prog rock.
More fully in a folk rocking, country-linked zone, this is energized and strong. It really helps to keep the string of hits going nicely.
Fun on the Bayou
Energized country music with some real hoe-down texture to it is the on the menu here. This is another that lands on the more effective end of the spectrum.
Something Going On
This melodic cut is basically a powered up ballad. It has some hints of prog rock, but overall lands in the zone of folk rock. It's a very classy tune no matter how you label it.
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