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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Electric Peace

Hate Is A Special Feeling

Review by Gary Hill

I previously reviewed another (also four-song) EP by this act. I talked about how difficult it was to put a label on them. That's true here, too. There is a lot of Americana, hard rock, psychedelia, metal and more in the mix. It all blends to create a sound that is at once rather mainstream, but also unusual and unique.

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Track by Track Review
Hate Is A Special Feeling
This comes in with a hard rocking sound that calls to mind something like Motörhead. It works out to a more mainstream rock sound in some ways. There is Americana in the mix along with plenty of alternative rock. This is driving and effective, and the harmonica emphasizes the blues rock edge of the piece.
Stay Up All Night
This thing has a chorus that's pretty alternative rock based. The instrumental movement is on fire, though. This has hints of things like King's X. It's a powerhouse, high energy stomper that's inventive and intriguing. I can hear some references to Jimi Hendrix on this thing, too.
Crankin Into Oblivion
Here we get another fierce rocker. There is a real classic furious rock sound to this. It's tempered by more modern textures, though. The instrumental break on this is heavy, cinematic and also rather proggy. It's super low register. The bits of synthesizer on the track bring some real magic.
Plymouth Roadrunner
A raw, screaming rocker, for some reason this makes me think of Zodiac Mindwarp. It's another stomper. The organ is a nice touch. This is pounding, driving and so potent.


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