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Non-Prog CD Reviews

The Meteors

Skull N Bones & The Curse of Blood and Bones

Review by Gary Hill

This music is something called "Psycho Billy." To me that means a blending of old school rock and roll, surf music, punk rock and frequent horror and science fiction themes. I think that's pretty close to the general definition, but it certainly applies here. That's one reason I've made a point of including this review in the October issue of Music Street Journal, given that we try for a "spooky" or Halloween angle to at least part of that issue. Whatever you call this, it's an effective set start to finish and just a lot of fun.

This review is available in book (paperback and hardcover) form in Music Street Journal: 2021  Volume 5. More information and purchase links can be found at:

Track by Track Review
Chasing Evil
After a mainly percussion introduction, this works out into echoey rock and roll with killer surf guitar over the top. There are no true vocals, but there are laughs and other vocal sounds. This is on fire with a surf guitar goes punk vibe.
A Night in the Tombs
I love the hard rocking concept here. This is old-time rock and roll delivered with a punky intensity. It also has plenty of horror rock in the mix.
Skull n Bones
A pirate rocker, this has so much energy and style built into it. It's a real screamer.
Get Back in the Swamp (And Jump)
This old school rock and roller really works so well. It has a great groove and energy. It's one of the most instantly accessible things here.
I really dig the up-tempo energy of this rocker. It has more of that surf guitar thing at play. There is a real science fiction concept via the sound-bites in the mix. This is quite a powerhouse instrumental.
Dateless Nights (Zed Mix)
Starting tentatively, this powers out to old school rock and roll after that introduction. There is plenty of punk in the mix, too.
The Night Comes with Me
There is a rockabilly meets punk and horror rock vibe here. This is another strong tune. The unusual delivery of the vocals really brings a lot of magic. So do the hints of surf guitar.
Zombie Noise (Rockin Zombie Mix)
Drums bring this into being. The cut gradually climbs out from there to more cool old school rock and roll..
More Demons Than Most
I love the cool punky rock and roll edge to this piece. It's got a great atmosphere and energy. We get some surf-styled guitar for the solo.
I dig the percussive edge there. The cool swinging vibe on this tune is great. The double-time section really works, too.
All I Do
Rockabilly with tons of energy drives this killer tune.
The Queen Of Zorch

This rocker has some cool science fiction sound built into it. The driving rhythmic element and cool echoey sound works well. The chorus is decidedly catchy.

All I Can Do Is Cry
I really dig the old school rock and roll jam that makes up this track. It has a lot of drive and oozes cool.
Not a big change, this rocker is fun with a cool horror movie vibe. The lyrics are written from the point of view of the creature.
She’s My Witch
I love the guitar sound on this thing. The number grooves along like "The Munsters" theme in some ways. There are some meaty punky edges to it. While the vocal lines have some catchy hooks, the guitar really steals the show on this thing.
Daughters Of The Deep
The guitar sound on this really makes me think of The Ventures. The cut has a great vibe and is a lot of fun.
Alligator Man 2020
There is a skit piece at the beginning of this that might be from a film. The tune grinds out with killer rockabilly and surf guitar sound from there. Yet it's all punk rock edged. This is another slab of pure class. I dig the high energy section later a lot.
Guilty As Charged (Sense of Humor Mix)
No big change, this track works well, but doesn't really stand out. I mean, everything here is cool, and this is no exception, but it's more run of the mill than some of the rest.
You Used To Be (The Usual Suspects)
This punky rocker earns a parental advisory. It's energized and a lot of fun.
Little Hellcat
Another edgy rock and roller, this is a winner, too.
(Ghost) Riders In The Sky
This is closed with a cool cover of this old chestnut. It starts with just guitar for a few measures. Then we hear cows. From there they launch into a full band treatment with more cattle sounds in the mix. This instrumental version works well. There is a little spoken thing after the end of the song and some ensuing silence.
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