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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

Jason Blake

The Darkness Found in Shadows

Review by Gary Hill

This was the first of two solo albums from Jason Blake in the last year or so. I've reviewed the other one in this issue, as well. This album is all atmospheric instrumental music, which makes it a bit less than ideal for track by track reviews. It doesn't make it a problem for just listening, though. I really like this album a lot. Everything here features just one musician (Blake) on one instrument (Warr guitar).

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Track by Track Review
The Curious Allure of Decoys
This starts ambient and atmospheric. There is a real element of strangeness and mystery to it. This evolves, but only so far, remaining purely atmospheric from start to finish.
Devoured by Weakness
At over 12-minutes long, this is the epic of the disc. It also shows off atmospheric tendencies right from the start. There is a real spacey sort of feel out of the gate. There are some intriguing, if understated, melodic concepts at play here at times.
Temporal Urges of Sadness
Moody science fiction elements are in place on this atmospheric number.
Apathy and Solitude
While no two pieces here feel like carbon copies, you get the basic idea. This is another trippy and spacey atmospheric piece.
A Violent Conclusion
There is almost an ominous tone to this piece. It's still atmospheric, but it also feels just a little dangerous. One might expect, given the title, that this one might rise up a bit louder, but it doesn't.
Sorrow Gifts Hatred
There are some hints of louder music on this number, but they go unrealized. Still, the threat of it is intriguing. This feels like it would fit well in the soundtrack to a movie.
Echoes of Desire
Although not a real change, this is another solid piece of atmospheric texture.
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