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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Peter Perrett


Review by Gary Hill

There is an interesting blend of sounds on this disc. Depending on the song you might hear things that make you think of 80s music, punk rock, power-pop, psychedelia or more. It's all fairly effective, but some tunes are better than others. Then again, can't you say that of just about any album?

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Track by Track Review
I Want Your Dreams
There is a sparse arrangement as this cut gets underway. The vocals bring a punky kind of vibe to the piece. The number drives outward as other instruments join the mix. This gets kind of psychedelic with some of the echoey over-layers. It turns out to an 80s styled concept later in the song and the female vocals add something special to it. This really gets soaring and powerful before it's over.
Once Is Enough
This cool rocker has more of that punky edge, but it comes across more as a merging of new wave and power-pop. This earns a parental advisory.
Heavenly Day
A bit more of a balladic piece, the same basic musical leanings as the last song are in play here. This does have a bit more of an indie, punky edge to it. It gets more powered up before it's over.
Love Comes On Silent Feet
Now this hard rocking piece is one of the best things here. It has a real garage rock texture and a lot of power-pop in the mix. It reminds me a lot of the band Cracker. This is so strong.
The Power Is In You
There is a real 80s music thing going on here. Add in some dreamy psychedelic edges, and you are on the right track to understanding this piece.
Believe In Nothing
If "Love Comes on Silent Feet" reminded me of David Lowery's post Camper band Cracker, this one has some real hints of the kind of music Camper Van Beethoven created in their heyday. The violin brings part of that, but the overall effect isn't far removed from that sound. This is another highlight. It represents both variety and a particularly cool tune.
War Plan Red
Another standout, we're back into more Cracker-like zones on this driving hard rocker. This has some meaty guitar fills, an energized structure and some edgy vocals.
48 Crash
This is a punky kind of tune. It has some power-pop in the mix, too. I dig the backing vocals, and the whole song is another standout. I really like the guitar fills and overall sound so much.
Walking In Berlin
80s music and 60s pop rock merge on this bouncy tune. While this works, it's not at the same level as the last few tracks.
Love’s Inferno
There is almost a jam band thing to some of this song. I like this quite a bit. The bass work is on point.
Master Of Destruction

I love this hard rocking tune. It's packed full of energy and class.

This slow moving, moody cut is not bad, but it's also not a highlight. It has some dreamy elements at play that are cool, but I think it was the wrong choice for closer. It should have probably been switched with the previous tune in the track list.
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