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Metal/Prog Metal CD Reviews

Orange Goblin

Rough & Ready, Live & Loud

Review by Gary Hill

I have to admit to being a recent convert to the music of Orange Goblin. For years I had heard of them, but not actually heard them. Well, I have to say that I'm a fan. This live album goes a long way toward further cementing that fact. This is a killer live release of a powerhouse metal performance. It most often lands in the zone of stoner rock, but there are other angles and leanings here, as well. It should be noted that much of the stage banter earns parental advisories.

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Track by Track Review
Sons of Salem
They waste no time, firing out with some serious ferocity for this screaming hot tune.
The Devil's Whip
This screamer feels a lot like the most ferocious Motörhead to me.
Saruman's Wish
Stoner metal with some serious Black Sabbath built into drives this scorcher. This thing is so powerful.
Made of Rats
More killer stoner rock is on the menu here. This is heavy, fierce and so meaty. There is a drop back to a more melodic movement later in the tune.
The Wolf Bites Back
Coming in a little more gradually, this is another stomper with some great metal riffing and textures. I can definitely hear some Sabbath on this tune, too.
Mythical Knives
I really love the guitar work on this, but the whole tune is fierce, magical and on fire. A mellower, dropped back section is a great touch.
The Fog
Here we get another heaping slab of ferocity. It's pounding, heavy and very tasty. It has cool shifts and changes, too.
Some You Win Some You Lose
Meaner, and rather raw, this is another stomper.
The Filthy & The Few

Another driving metal screamer, this is a powerhouse.


The introduction to this is a big change with organ driving it at the start. After that extended intro they move out to more of a blues rock jam from there. There is a real psychedelic rock edge to this cut, with echoey guitar, and a cool mellower approach. This still powers into fierce metal at times, too. It really does turn into some smoking hot stoner metal for the second part of the piece, calling to mind bands like Candlemass when they do.

Here we get another that feels like parts of it are channeling Motörhead. It has some varying movements, though, and has a lot of stoner metal in the mix, too.
Time Travelling Blues
This has some different moods built into. There is a definite more mainstream hard rock edge to parts of this. It gets pretty seriously metallic at times, too, though. It's another winner on a disc with no weak material.
Blue Snow
The closer is another fierce metal stomper. It's not a big change, but another smoking hot tune.
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