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Progressive Rock CD Reviews


Halos And Dogs

Review by Gary Hill

This instrumental set is all done on keyboards. Those keyboards are all played by Robert Schindler. This music is definitely prog rock based. Various songs call to mind various artists ranging from Tangerine Dream to Vangelis, The Doors, Pink Floyd and Rick Wakeman. All in all, this is quite an effective set for fans of instrumental keyboard music.

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Track by Track Review
Don't Ever Stop Your Heart
Dramatic keyboard sounds drive this. It has some seriously hard rocking movements at times. I'm reminded of things ranging from Synergy to Tangerine Dream and even Vangelis. There are some guitar sounding elements on this track.
Morning Rush
This has more of a mainstream rock vibe to it. There is a killer groove and energy to it.  It spins into a rather fusion-based texture at times.
Yesterday Again
The Doors meets early Pink Floyd in a jazzy arrangement as this cool piece gets underway. It expands outward from there, growing into a dramatic and potent prog type number. Parts of this have sounds that make me think of horns, turning it a little toward jazzy. This is definitely a highlight of the disc. It's so classy.
Turn Off Your Brain Part 2
At over 12-and-a-half minutes of music, this is the epic of the set. It comes in rather mellow and somewhat understated. It grows outward from there with some music that feels rather psychedelic, but also proggy. There is a cool jazz piano groove section mid-track. It works back out into more typical electronic zones later.
Spacey textures and cool melodies over the top make me think of both Vangelis and Patrick Moraz. There are some sampled voices and percussion later. As it shifts into a cool rocking groove it makes me think of some of Rick Wakeman's solo work to a degree.
Piano plays a big part in this sonic tapestry. The lush synthesizer really brings a lot of magic to the proceedings, though.
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