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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Leslie Hunt


Review by Gary Hill

For readers of Music Street Journal, Leslie Hunt is probably best known as the lead singer in the band District 97. That would normally land anything she releases under progressive rock. I don't think, though, that in this case it necessarily makes her a prog artist. She is the lead singer in a prog band, but this solo album is absolutely not prog. What it is, though, is particularly strong modern pop rock music. The vocals, as you expect are great. The songs are well-written, too. It's definitely not prog, but it's definitely strong.

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Track by Track Review
Starting Over
An acoustic guitar melody is on the menu as this track gets going. The vocal is right there from the start, too. This has a folk rock meets pop music concept to it. It's energetic and catchy.
There You Are
More of an energized pop rock tune, this is a fun alternative styled piece. It's another classy cut.
Your Wind
The slide guitar on this track brings some country edge to it. Beyond that, this is more of a mainstream pop rock song. It lands between the first two in terms of intensity.
Wolf Cried Boy

I really like this cut a lot. There is a definite Southern rock edge to it.

Right Here
A bouncy tune, there are some hints of Beatles-like elements here. This is a fun piece.
Down the Road
The opening movement of this is built on piano and voice, lending some variety. After the first vocal section, the cut is reinvented into a country based rocking groove. The piano and vocal concept returns at the end.
The Key
This one also starts with just piano and vocals. It works through expanding on that concept.
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