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Non-Prog CD Reviews


Sunrise & Salvation (box set)

Review by Gary Hill

This is a massive collection. There is over ten hours of music here spread out over eight CDs. That includes 102 previously unreleased songs (live recordings and demos). Also among the music here are the albums Spirit of '76 (which was a double album), Son of Spirit, Farther Along, Future Games and The Thirteen Dream (Spirit of '84). All of those are remastered. Each CD is encased in a cardboard sleeve. The whole thing is gathered in a cardboard clamshell box. It also includes a brand new booklet. For those not familiar with a lot of Spirit's output, this really provides an interesting cross-section. The band was known for hits like "Mr. Skin," "I Got A Line on You" and "Nature's Way," but they did so much more. For me the two albums that are the most effective are Farther Along and The Thirteen Dream (Spirit of '84. Arguably those two are the most "different." Farther Along has a really polished sound that wanders into funk, R&B, fusion, prog and more. The Thirteen Dream (Spirit of '84 has a real 80s rock sound, and it seems to work well for the band. The thing is, Spirit was an act not easily categorized. A lot of their music was quite experimental. That's why I think this might be one of the best collections from the group. It really lets the listener sample so many sides of their sound. Certainly all the rarities make this a great collection for long-time fans, too.

This review is available in book (paperback and hardcover) form in Music Street Journal: 2022  Volume 1. More information and purchase links can be found at:

Track by Track Review
Spirit Of ‘76 – Remastered
America The Beautiful/The Times They Are A Changing

A weird echoey, trippy vocal section brings this in. Around the 40-second mark synthesizer and acoustic guitar take control. Vocals come in singing "America the Beautiful." After that runs through, the cut turns out to a cool rock take on the Bob Dylan classic  After working through along that road for a while, it shifts back to a folk delivery of "America the Beautiful" to bookend the whole thing.

Victim Of Society
There is almost a funky edge to this as it gets going. As the vocals join it takes on more of a soaring psychedelic rock edge. This is energetic and quite cool. There are some killer instrumental moments along this road. If the opener was a gentle introduction, this is the beginning of the real ride. It has some proggy shifts and changes, and is quite a cool track.
Lady Of The Lakes
More of a traveling blues rock vibe is a prominent element here. I'm reminded of Canned Heat to some degree. There is plenty of psychedelic rock in the mix, too.
Tampa Jam (Part One)
This is just a short bit of trippy rock jamming.
This has more of that trippy sound, but it's a fast moving rocker that's trademark Spirit.
What Do I Have?

I dig the almost dreamy vibe to this less intense number.

Here we get an up-tempo rocker that is very cool.
Walking The Dog
I dig the cool echoey introduction to this a lot. This song is the old chestnut. I like this trademark Spirit take on it a lot. It has a great groove and really rocks.
Tampa Jam (Part Two)
A continuation of the earlier piece, this has a bit more of a mainstream rock vibe.
Joker On The Run
There is some down-home country in the mix here. That's combined with a classic Spirit rock motif.
A mellower, more dreamy tune, this is solid.
Like A Rolling Stone
Feeling almost like an extension of the last track, I love the trippy, dreamy vibe of this Dylan cover. At nearly nine-minutes of music, this is an epic piece, and it has quite a few shifts along the road.
Once Again
Synthesizer starts this, and echoey guitar joins, brining a real space rock vibe. It shifts to more of a trippy, psychedelic folk rock kind of thing from there.
Feeling In Time
I really dig the rubbery sound of the bass on this track. The number has a cool, jamming sort of mainstream rock vibe.
Here we get a Rolling Stones cover. I really like this a lot. It has a lot of the Stones trademarks, but it's also done in a style that's trademark Spirit. This is one of the highlights of the set for me. Then again, I'm a big Stones fan.
Jack Bond
This is a spoken, echoey trippy thing. It seems very chemically induced.
My Road
I love the almost proggy, space rock groove of this number. It has a lot of psychedelia in the mix.
Tampa Jam (Part Three)
Here we get another piece of the number that has been stretched here and there along this ride.
Thank You Lord

With some hints of earlier songs at the beginning, this is an odd little journey into gospel-styled music.

Spirit Of ‘76 – Remastered

Trippy music comes in to start this in a dreamy way. A spoken, echoey voice comes over the top. The sung vocals enter after that exits. This is a very psychedelic sort of piece. The spoken stuff is heard at other points as this continues. The percussion sound is fairly prominent on the tune.

Guide Me
This has an almost jazzy vibe to it. There is a loose groove to the number. Includes some recordings of a crowd added to the mix. After a false ending, the sounds of a ping pong game enter. The cut rises back upward out of there and continues its classy jamming.
I dig the fuzz guitar sound on this. The jam has a real psychedelic vibe with some Hendrix elements at play. The percussion is very prominent on this piece. There is some particularly inspired jamming on this. I'd consider this one of the highlights of these first two CDs.
Hey Joe
This Spirit take on the classic song is on fire. I'd put this up as a rival to the better known Hendrix version any day. I'd also consider this another highlight of the first two CDs here. It has a bit more dreamy, psychedelia vibe to it than Hendrix' version did, but it also occupies a lot of the same space as that one.
Jack Bond Part Two
Meant as a continuation of the earlier number, this is less intelligible and more just weird echoey stuff.
The Star Spangled Banner
This is one of the most intriguing and creative takes on the U.S. National Anthem that I've heard. They turn it into a cool rock groove. I like this a lot.
Bonus Tracks:
Guide Me (Alternate Version)

I definitely prefer the version on the album proper, but this has a more organic feel to it in some ways. It's a classy variant.

Joker On The Run (Alternate Version)
On the one hand this seems harder rocking. That said, if anything the country elements at various points almost seem more prominent. I prefer this take to the one that made the main album.
America The Beautiful/The Times They Are A Changing (Alternate Version)
This seems a little less experimental than the other version. I think I prefer this take to the final one.
I’ve Got To Use My Imagination (Live 1974)
Driving and hard rocking, this is a lot of fun. This has some killer guitar work on the instrumental section. It's classic Spirit and so strong.
Nature’s Way (Live 1974)
One of the band's biggest hits, this live take is solid, and I like it a lot.
Mr. Skin (Live 1974)
This is a live take of another of Spirit's big hits. While this works pretty well, I don't think it's as effective as the last couple songs were.
Guide Me (Live 1974)
I like this live take of the song from the album proper. In fact, I think that the more grounded, jazzy groove here works better than either of the other two renditions. The instrumental break is positively magical.
Fresh Garbage (Live 1974)
I dig the rocking groove on this thing. The vocals don't work as well as on some of the rest of the tunes, though. A jazzy jam takes over after a time. Then echoey guitar comes over the top taking it in trippy space rock directions.
Hey Joe (Live 1974)
I don't like this version of the song as much as the one on the studio part of the album. It's echoey and less crunchy. Still, it is an entertaining take.
Veruska (Live 1974)
Now, this is so cool. It pounds in with an almost metal sound. Some of the shifts and changes make me think of Frank Zappa a little. Still, it's also trademark Spirit. This is a short tune that runs directly into the next one.
Run Sinner, Run (Live 1974)
Here we get a blues rocking jam that is a lot of fun.
Victim Of Society (Live 1974)
I really like this live take of the song a lot. I think it's stronger than the studio recording. The bass certainly manages to shine on this thing.
On The Road Again (Live 1974)
This cover song gets such a great rendition. It's driving, hard rocking and so cool.
Happy (Live 1974)

There is a lot harder edge to this take of the Stones tune. While I think that works pretty well, and that driving bass line is great, the vocals aren't nearly as effective here. This does have some killer guitar soloing, though.

Son Of Spirit – Remastered
Holy Man

Built around a playful folk rock groove, this has some psychedelia, space rock and more. It's a catchy tune that really works so well.

Looking Into Darkness

I dig the musical groove on this quite a bit. It has an almost down-home feel in some ways. It's also sort of trademark Spirit. It is entertaining, but not a standout.

Maybe You’ll Find
Now, this balladic piece has a real gentle magic to it. It's a pretty sound and more of highlight.
Don’t Go Away
The energy and jamming on this is top-notch. The distant, processed vocals are a bit strange, but they complement the tune. This is quite an interesting number with some cool hooks.
Although this has a real weird edge to it, somehow it works. It has a soaring kind of triumphant sound. It feels just a little like musical theater for some reason.
Magic Fairy Princess
A hard rocking and catchy jam, this is another particularly strong piece.

There is plenty of folk rock merged with psychedelic pop and space rock on this song. 

The Other Song
This is a very unusual song. There is almost an R&B or even early hip hop feel to this cut. Yet, it also has plenty of spacey psychedelia in the mix. There is some killer jamming in a trippy instrumental section later. There is a short, jazzy excursion at the end.

I remember reading that "Yesterday" is the most covered song of all time. Well, here Spirit does a take on it. It's a bit less ballad, but only a little, than the original. This takes on some mild psychedelic elements via the over-layers of sound. This doesn't touch the original, but that's a pretty high bar to meet, but it's a very strong version and a nice inclusion on the disc.

It’s Time Now
More of a mainstream Spirit rocker, this is a solid piece, but not really a standout. Still, it does a great job of grounding the original album on which it appeared. The children's (I think it's children) choir is a nice touch. The fadeout at the end seems abrupt.
Farther Along – Remastered
Farther Along

I love this song. It has some rather proggy elements along with the usual psychedelic rock and more. This should have been one of the band's biggest hits in a fair world.

Atomic Boogie
Now, here Spirit goes full funk R&B mode. This isn't far removed from Parliament Funkadelic. The horns are an unusual, but the whole tune is unexpected. That said, it's also a lot of fun. Then again, I am a big funk fan.
World Eat World Dog
There is still some funk and R&B in this number. Yet, it also has plenty of psychedelia and space music. This is a dramatic and magical mellow groove that is another highlight from the band's catalog.
Stoney Night
The horns are back on this one. It's another potent tune. This one has some of that R&B groove, but lands more in a rock vein. I love this one, too. It's a killer jazz rock number.
There is a real island vibe to this number. It has a warm weather relaxation groove. This instrumental is fun, but not as strong as the tunes that directly proceeded it.

Here is another magical piece that is a real highlight. It has a more pure rock sound than some of the others on this individual studio album. It also has so much drama and charm. This is another example of Spirit at their best. It has some definite prog rock angles.

Mega Star
This is a full on prog rock jam. It's on fire and another real highlight. I really love this thing.
More of a mainstream rock vibe drives this. It's a classy instrumental.
Don’t Lock Up Your Door
With a lot of roots music built into it, this is more folk tune. Yet, it has plenty of folk rock, too, particularly when the vocals join. This is a traveling kind of number, and it has some exceptional bass work.
One With
Piano and strings make up the instrumental arrangement on this. It is another unexpected turn, but also another strong piece of music.
You Diamond Spirit
A dramatic symphonically based introduction brings this in. The cut works out to another definite prog rock styled number. The symphonic strings remain over the top. This is a piece that really seems to be reaching for the heavens in a lot of ways.
Nature’s Way
This is a short instrumental take on the classic tune, based on symphonic strings. It's a classy way to end the album proper.
Bonus Tracks:
Hawaiian Skies

I'm not all that taken with this. The cut has some charms, but just feels a little awkward and uninspired to me. Still, it's a bonus track.

Song for Clyde
A bouncy kind of rocker, this is more of a typical Spirit tune. It's also a fun one. I like this much better than I do the one that came right before it.
Constant Stream
There is a lot of jazz and even some prog in this cut. It's another strong tune.
Let Me Be Your Daddy
This rocker is a bit less impressive and more generic. Still, it's not bad.
Farther Along (live 1976)
This folk rocker gets a solid live performance. That said, the vocal showing and the recording both have some issues.
Future Games (A Magical Kahauna Dream)
CB Talk

An old-time music concept is at the heart of the music as this gets going. People chatting on a CB radio come over the top. This serves as a skit introduction to the album.

Stars Are Love
There is a mainstream rock groove with some dreamy elements over the top of this song. The keyboards seem a little too high in the mix, and the vocal arrangement doesn't really work for me, but it's a decent tune despite those things.
Kahauna Dream
There are some Hawaiian musical concepts on the intro here, sounding like it's from the radio. Some more rock based sounds come up from there. There is a real folk edge to this mainstream rocker.
Buried In My Brain
I dig the almost bluesy grind that brings this song into being. That section serves as an introduction, though. It drops away to sort of a chaotic thing. Then a Bob Dylan like jam takes over. It electrifies after the first vocal movement.
Bionic Unit
A somewhat mainstream rock concept is at the heart of this. I dig the "Star Trek" angle to the lyrics.
So Happy Now
This is a short little connecting piece.
All Along The Watchtower

I dig this cover of Dylan. This is easily recognizable as Spirit, and it also rocks. There is a weird little trippy exploration at the end, and a clip from the episode "Metamorphosis" of "Star Trek" is heard, and it segues into the next one.

Would You Believe
This is a dreamy kind of groove. It has a nice vibe to it. It's not a standout, but it works.
Jack Bond Speaks
This has some freaky weirdness along with some more standard musical concepts.
Star Trek Dreaming
There are more bits of "Star Trek" (given the title, mandatory, right?) on this track. It's another piece of tasty strangeness. It works out to more of a mainstream rocking tune further down the road.
Interlude XM
This is just a short piece of weirdness with a lot of samples and loops (well, the analog equivalent).
China Doll
This song has a Beatlesish bouncy pop vibe to it.
Hawaiian Times
This is another short snippet, with another piece of "Star Trek." This time from "Obsession."
Gorn Attack
The title to this is obviously "Star Trek" related. The song seems pretty freeform, settling on things here and there, but then drifting off again. We get more "Trek" clips.
Interlude 2001
This is a very short little dreamy thing.
Detroit City
I dig this rather bluesy rocker. It has plenty of garage band, psychedelia in the mix, too.
Freakout Frog
We get a little Kermit The Frog clip on this one. This is a trippy kind of playful piece. It's a lot of fun.
The Romulan Experience
Here we get another decidedly "Star Trek" based title. This piece has a lot of weirdness that includes a description of the plot of the "Star Trek" episode "Balance of Terror." There is a little bit of "All Along the Watchtower" on this.
Monkey See Monkey Do
Here we get a short folk rock styled song.
Mt Olympus
This is another trippy little interlude.
The Journey Of Nomad
Another song with a "Star Trek" title, this has a killer groove to it and some more "Trek" sounds. It has more wandering weirdness, too.
This is more of a folk song. It has some wanderings into trippy weird zones.
Bonus Tracks:
Detroit City (Alternate Version)

This alternate version seems a bit better to me. It's a little more direct, which I think works better for the piece.

Would You Believe (Alternate Version)
This is similarly a more direct version of the song. I think I prefer the other take, though.
Stars Are Love (Alternate Version)
I really love the trippy, proggy psychedelia of this version.
Monkey See, Monkey Do (Demo)
The recording on this is pretty rough. The tune feels like a writing demo for sure. Still, it's not bad, and it is a demo after all.
Chairman Mao (Full Band Version)
This song is called "China Doll" on the final album. I think I like this version better. It seems more accessible here.
Would You Believe (Full Band Unedited Version)
Feeling very Beatles-like I think I prefer this version of the tune to the final one.
Hollywood Dream (Bonus)
This is more of a straight-ahead rocker. It's trademark Spirit and a strong tune.
Something New (Bonus)
A bouncy pop rock tune, this is fun.
In Just A Little While (Bonus)
This is a mainstream rocker that makes me think of the Grateful Dead to some degree.
Love Charged (Bonus)
Here we get a classy rocker that's pretty straightforward.
Same Old Naturally (Bonus)
There is some trippy psychedelia on display here. This is a solid tune.
The Thirteenth Dream (Spirit of ’84)
Black Satin Nights
Talk about a full 180, this doesn't even sound like the same band. From the keyboards to the guitars, this is an 80s AOR metal song. It's a real screamer, and it's very effective. It seems more like Bon Jovi than it does Spirit.
Mr. Skin
I dig this more modern rocking take on the classic. The wailing saxophone definitely tells us that it's the 80s. There is a bit of a funky edge to the bass work.
Fresh Garbage
Speaking of funk, check out the bass line at the start of this one. The cut has almost a Roxy Music vibe in some ways, but it's a hard rocking number. It's another classy tune. There is a section mid-track that gets into freaky psychedelic zones, but it quickly works back out to the song proper.
Rasta Girl In A Ferrari
I dig the funk and hard rock on this tune. It's another fun romp, and it again has some echoes of Roxy Music and also Be-Bop Deluxe. There is a little percussion based excursion mid-track that changes things up for a moment or two.
Nature’s Way
This new rendition of the classic tune doesn't feel like a big change. It's a great number.
Rather proggy, but also 80s metal oriented, this has funk and a lot more in the mix. It's a killer tune.
Pick it Up
This is a pretty straight-forward hard rocker with a real 80s vibe.
All Over The World
I dig the cut quite a bit. It has more of the vintage Spirit sound to it. Yet there are some 80s angles here, as well. This is mellower and more like a folk based rocker.
Give Me Your Number
A more straight-ahead, hard rocking tune, this is a fun song.
Mechanical World
I love this hard rocking tune. It's one of the highlights on this fifth CD. It has plenty of metallic edge, some great hooks and awesome guitar work.
Wow! This song is amazing! It's a full jazz fusion instrumental jam that is absolutely on fire.
Uncle Jack
I dig this piece a lot, too. It has an AOR prog edge, some metallic leanings and a lot of classic pop rock. It's accessible, meaty and so cool. The guitar solo section seems to quote "Mr. Skin" at times, and it includes some killer bass work.
I Got A Line On You
I love this hard rocking version of the classic Spirit hit. This works so well. Then again, it's such a classic stomper. The extended instrumental section is positively on fire.
All Along The Watchtower (live 1986)
Now this version of the Dylan tune feels quite a bit like the Hendrix take. It's hard rocking and quite strong.
Animal Zoo (live 1986)
This is a somewhat stripped back version of this tune. It's a fun rocker and includes some audience sing-along.
Dark Eyed Woman (live 1986)
A hard rocking number, this features some killer instrumental work. It includes a cool drum solo that has some interesting effects.
Tobacco Road (live 1986)
This is a solid cover. It's not a standout, but it works.
Prelude: Nothing To Hide (live 1986)
This is quite an intriguing number, starting mellower and working to more rocking. There are some great metallic edges here.
Working In Detroit (live 1986)
Another hard rocker, this is a fun romp. It's just a basic rock and roller, but it works really well.
Spirit Of Salvation – Unreleased Studio Material from 1974-1975
You’re So Beautiful

There are some hints of 50s rock and roll on this, but the song also has some psychedelia and even prog elements. It's a fairly mainstream rocker, though.

I’ve Got To Use My Imagination
This a harder rocking tune with some great hooks. It really feels like trademark Spirit of the highest order. The guitar soloing is so classy.
Looking Into Darkness
More of a roots blues rocking sound is on display here with some psychedelia in the midst.
Neptune Caper
This has a lot of processed spoken vocals. It's a trippy little excursion that's more like a skit.
Positively 4th Street
This cover of the Dylan tune is pretty cool. It gets a bit trippy and spacey along the road.
Jimmy Brown
Acoustic guitar and vocals brings this in with a folk kind of sound. It's a homey sort of number.
We Are One People
With what sounds like a child handling the vocals, this is an odd little folky piece.
Wake Up America
A lot of this makes me think of Frank Zappa. There is a lot of progressive rock built into this tune. It's a fast paced rocker that's very cool.
This is a slightly odd, but also cool romp. The recording doesn't seem so great, though.
The Other Song
At its heart this is a bluesy sort of rocker, but it has a lot of psychedelia in the mix. There are some monkey sounds later, lending more weirdness.
Cass Drums
This is a trippy, twisted and rather freaky percussion solo.
A rather soulful, but also soaring and psychedelic jam, this is classy.
Cass Drums
Here we get another 23-seconds of freakiness that is seriously tweaked via effects.
Future In My Hands
This is a pretty standard Spirit tune. It works well, but isn't a standout.
The Maharaji Speaks
A processed spoken vocal and weird effects makes up the concept of this tune.
Holy Man
This one is more of a folk meets psychedelic piece.
Maybe You’ll Find
A gentle folk-oriented tune, this has some spacey vibes at play. The cut is a classy one, but not a highlight.
Another rendition of the Beatles tune, I prefer the one from earlier in the set. This is a little trippy and not bad, it's just not at the same level as the other one.
This is a pretty basic rocker once it gets going. The liner notes have this song and the next one reversed.
Magic Fairy Princess
More energetic and driving, this is a fun rocker. This one is listed as "Circle" here, while the previous one is listed as "Magic Fairy Princess," but based on the lyrics, that's wrong.
Kathy’s Song
An intricate ballad, this has its charms for sure.
Randy California Solo Demos
Miss Lani

I really dig the acoustic guitar lines on this number. The song has a good energy and solid hooks.

Sparkling Sands
This is very much a demo. The quality is not great. The song is energized, but not all that special. Still, it does have some charms.
High With You
I like this tune quite a bit. It has an energized soft rock vibe and some cool hooks.
Seven Fires
This manages to up the ante from the last one. The melodies are so strong. This has a real folk rock textures.
10,000 Days
Another acoustic guitar based rocker, this is solid.
Seems Like 1000 Years Ago
I love the strummed textures of this. It's intricate and classy.
Livin’ In This World
A pretty mainstream folk rock sound drives this cut. It's nothing all that special, but then again, it's a demo and a bonus.
Thinking Of You
Another solid acoustic guitar driven song, there are no surprises here, but this works well.
Live at Armadillo Headquarters, Austin, Texas – 19th June 1975
Weird effects are heard as the show starts. It gradually builds up and Randy California speaking is heard in the mix.
Going Down
Bass brings this into being. As the rest of the band joins, this sounds so much like Hawkwind that it's scary. The vocals bring more of a Hendrix kind of thing to bear. This drops to just the rhythm section mid-track in a killer jam. I really love the bass work on that part.
So Little Time To Fly
Here we have a pretty standard (is there such a thing?) Spirit rocker.


Austin Jam
This is a driving rocking tune. The guitar solo section on this is purely magical. The trippy excursion into echoey space zones at the end is all class, too.
Working In Austin
This mainstream rock and roller that was "Working in Detroit" before gets a solid live telling here.
Joker On The Run
This is another spot where the titles are reversed, this being listed as "All Along The Watchtower" in liner notes. The recording quality is a real issue on this. The song has an intriguing dichotomy of countrified rocking sections juxtaposed with nearly metal ones. It also makes it way into space territory at times.
All Along The Watchtower
This tune is listed as "Joker On The Run" in the liner notes. I am not really enamored with this rendition. I do dig the spacier parts, but some of the rest feels a little clumsy, and the sound quality is an issue.
Mr. Tambourine Man
This version of the old chestnut is pretty good. They play it as a folk rocker. The recording quality isn't the greatest.
Old Blue
Another folk styled piece, this acoustic guitar based song has a lot of country in the mix.
Mr. Skin
An energetic rocker, this Spirit classic gets a solid live telling here.
Prelude: Nothing To Hide
This is a real powerhouse jam. The instrumental section late in the track is on fire.
Miss This Train
Sort of an "also ran," this is not bad, just not a standout.
I’ve Got To Use My Imagination
Now, this driving rocker is pretty darned cool. It reminds to some degree of early Grand Funk Railroad. It really has some powerful jamming on it.
All The Same
The epic of the CD, this is over 14-and-a-half-minutes long. Of course, a lot of that length comes from jamming and a very extensive drum solo.
I Got A Line On You
This classic Spirit hit gets a solid live telling here. The guitar soloing on this is great.
On The Road Again / Star Spangled Banner/ On The Road Again/ Austin Jam
They turn in a killer rendition of the classic Canned Heat piece here. There is a reading from the preamble to the US Constitution in the midst of this, and that gives way to the "Star Spangled Banner." From there they move back into Canned Heat zones before turning to the general "(insert name here) Jam" part.
Future Games – The Early Demo Version
CB Talk

This piece has a more unaltered mode here than it did on the final album version.

Stars are Love
I like the homey, dreamy quality of this version of the tune. There is a journey into "Nature's Way" later on the tune.
Kahauna Dream
This seems to feel more Hawaiian on this version.
Buried In My Brain
This is a pretty straight-forward Spirit rocker.
Bionic Unit
I'm seriously reminded of the punky side of Hawkwind on this rocker. I really like this. I could imagine it on something like Quark, Strangeness and Charm. There are some definite "Star Trek" references here.
So Happy Now
I dig the upbeat sound of this. It has some trippy elements at play, too.
All Along The Watchtower
This version of the Dylan tune has a cool vibe. It's more on the dreamy, almost psychedelic end of the spectrum, but manages to drive with some real energy.
Would You Believe
Now, this cut has plenty of cool space rock elements at play. I like this a lot. It has a lot of dreamy texture. It's also melodic and effective.
Jack Bond Speaks
Coming out of the previous piece, this has a lot of weird spoken, echoey stuff and special effects.
Star Trek Dreaming
This is a bouncy and fun melodic jam.
Interlude XM
Just a very short piece of effects weirdness, this is interesting.
China Doll
A bouncy pop rock song is the concept here. It does wander into weirder zones at times.
Hawaiian Times
Largely just sound effects and sound-bites, this is a short interlude.
Gorn Attack
This is a funky and fun danceable groove. I love this instrumental.
Interlude 2001

With laughter and a lot of sound-effects (and a little bit of actual music) this is another short connective piece.

Detroit City
There is a twisted and demented angle to this version of the song.
Freakout Frog
A playful sort of concept is on hand here. This has a real "chemically altered" vibe. Then again, that can be said of a lot of Spirit's music.
The Romulan Experience
This is just the vocal part from the final version of the song at the start, but it works to "All Along the Watchtower" later. Still, this track is less than a minute long.
Monkey See, Monkey Do
There is a real 1960s pop rock vibe to this thing. It's a bouncy and catchy number.
Mount Olympus
This is another short journey into weirdness.
Journey Of Nomad
I dig the killer rocking sound of this number. It's a fun cut that works quite well.
Would You Believe (reprise)
Here we get what is advertised, a reprise of the earlier track.
A fairly mellow, space rock styled arrangement is on display here.
Live 1975

This drives in with smoking blues rock jamming. The instrumental work on this is on fire. The cut has a real Spirit meets Hendrix vibe at times.

Like A Rolling Stone
A Dylan cover, this works pretty well. The vocal arrangement does gel as well as the instrumental one does, though.
Victim Of Society
I dig the energy and hooks of this number a lot. The hard rocking instrumental stuff on this is purely on fire.
Ohio Jam
Here we get another of the famous "(Insert area name) Jam" tracks. This is serviceable, but not a standout.
Mr. Skin
A scorching hot version of the Spirit classic, I like this a lot. It has some positively incendiary moments.
Old Blue / Ohio Jam
Here we get a full-on countrified romp. This is fun and tastefully goofy. We get a return to the "Ohio Jam" in a powerhouse movement from there. It turns a little odd as it continues.
All The Same
With a vaguely spacey arrangement. this is energized and classy. There's an extensive drum solo in the middle of this.
I Got A Line On You
This is a powerhouse rendition of the classic. I like it a lot. Then again, I'm just a big fan of the tune in general.


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