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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Walter Egan


Review by Gary Hill

You can always count on Walter Egan for classic roots rocking music. The songs never really push any kind of envelope, but just deliver in a timeless way. This set, about Egan's history with Pamela Des Barres, is no exception. There are a few standouts here, but no weak tunes. This runs the gamut between country leaning Americana to old school rock and roll, punky stuff and more.

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Track by Track Review
I'm With The Girl
Packed full of Americana, this reminds me quite a bit of Tom Petty. There is also a bit of a Roy Orbison angle here. This is a catchy tune that works well.
Miss Pamela
More of a cool rock and roller, this has plenty of roots music built into it. This is fiery, tastefully raw and a lot of fun.
A Fool In Love
Seeming to land somewhere between the first two cuts, this has some particularly cool soaring guitar soloing. It's another classy slab of sound.
The Fruit Of Fascination
There is a lot of drama built into this. It's not quite a ballad, but it's also not a rocker. It has a dream-like quality and some real class.
Some of the guitar fills on this make me think of Hawkwind. The vocals are more in line with that Tom Petty thing. This is a driving rocker that is very cool.
Woo To Woe
A pretty mainstream rocker, this isn't a big change, but it is effective.
Yesterday, Forever & Today
Another rocking tune there is some punk energy here along with plenty of mainstream rock and roll. This is another solid entry to the content of the disc.
Fading Love
There is some real country music in this mix this energetic tune. This has more of that Roy Orbison thing on display. This is a lot of fun and a nice bit of variety.
Waking Up To You
An acoustic based number, this is an intriguing, bouncing thing as it gets going.
Treat Me Nice
An old-time rock and roller, this feels a bit like something Elvis would do. It's another nice change and entertaining tune.
More of a hard rocker, this is another strong tune on a disc full of strong music.
Even more driving and hard rocking, the backing vocals on this bring a lot of style. The whole cut has a great driving groove to it. At times this makes me think of the song "Stepping Stone" from the Monkees just a little. That's a good thing, by the way. I love that tune.
Hell I Know It's Over
This one is more of a ballad. It's contemplative and evocative. There are some great changes on this and some dramatic sections as it moves further away from that ballad format. It's a great closer.
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