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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Sonny Burgess


Review by Gary Hill

Sonny Burgess apparently had quite the following over the years, even though he's not the household name of some of his contemporaries. This new set gathers up a heaping helping of his music. There is some great stuff here. It seems a great introduction to the old-school rock and roll of Burgess, and the quality of the packaging and massive booklet a good addition to the collections of long-time fans.

This review is available in book (paperback and hardcover) form in Music Street Journal: 2022  Volume 2. More information and purchase links can be found at:

Track by Track Review
Big Black Cadillac
I really dig the vocals on this tasty old school rock and roller. They have a real authentic rocking grit. The cut has some classic turns. This is a great way to start the set in style. The piano solo is purely on fire.
Lookin' Out For Number One
There is more a rockabilly groove to this cut. It's fun, but not at the same level as the opener was.
I Don't Dig It
The volume level on this is lower than on the previous tunes. The track has some driving energy, honking horn and just so much cool. It's one of the most effective pieces of this set.
My Heart Is Achin' For You
Here we get some full on country rocking sound. This is solid and entertaining.
Stuck Up
There is some smoking hot piano work on this number. It's a classy tune.
Automatic Woman
The vocals on this are meatier, and the tune really rocks and grooves.
Enough Of You
Old school rock and roll with some cool guitar parts, this is another effective piece.
Didn't Know Love At All
This is more of a bouncy tune. While it's fun, it's not on the same level as some of the others.
Now, this one works better. It's a pretty standard old-time rocker, but it's just packed full of class and style.
Leave Your Lovin' At Home
I love the groove on this number. The whole tune has a bit of a bluesy edge to it. It's another standout of the disc.
Catbird Seat
Energized rock and roll, this is solid, but not a standout. It reminds me of something Chuck Berry would do.
I Used To Cry Mercy
Here we get a smoking hot bluesy number. The vocals are gravelly and so cool. Harmonica bring some special magic to the tune. This is another highlight of the CD.
Down The Road
This is a classy, driving old-school rock and roller. It's a lot of fun.
Rock On Mars
I dig the tremolo on this number. The tune rocks with a bit of science fiction edge.
Sadie's Back In Town
A Donald Duck voice is heard at the start of this. While this is fun, it's nothing special. It's just another fast paced rocker.
Ain't Got A Thing
While this doesn't raise the originality bar, it works better that the last tune did. It has a particularly cool instrumental section, too.
Daddy Blues (alt. 3)
I love this bluesy stomper. It's all class.
We Wanna Boogie
Bouncing, driving and rocking, this is another strong tune. The horn is a nice touch and the piano has some fiery moments.
Ain't Gonna Do It (alt. 2)
With a lot of energy, this is a strong tune, but not special enough to really stand that tall here.
Fanny Brown (alt. 1)
More old school rock and roll with some hints of jazz, I dig this, but it's not strong enough to be a highlight.
My Bucket's Got A Hole In It (alt. 2)
Pretty standard old-school rock and roll, this is fun, but not exceedingly special.
Feelin' Good
While this isn't a big change, it just works particularly well. It's a fun rock and roller.
Red Headed Woman
I dig the piano work on this a lot. This has a bit of a gang vocal kind of approach. It's a fun party styled number.
The Prisoner's Song (alt. 1)
There is a real Dixieland jazz turned rock and roll vibe here. This is a fun romp that is among the best here.
A conga styled old-school rocker, this one doesn't work that well for me. I do like the guitar solo, though.
Truckin' Down The Avenue
A fun romp, I like this one better than the last tune.
Little Town Baby
A piano led rocker, this is so much fun.
Tomorrow Night
Here we get a tune that has a lot of surf guitar sound in it. It's one of the highlights here.
A smoking hot instrumental jam, this features both killer guitar and great piano work.
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