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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

Dr. Space

Dr Space's Alien Planet Trip Vol. 6- Space with Bass II

Review by Gary Hill

Dr. Space is probably best known for Øresund Space Collective, but he's really involved in so many projects. This is his sixth entry in the Alien Planet Trip series. It's also the second of those to include bass players in a featured way. The bass work on three songs is by William Kopecky. Hasse Horrigmoe is the other bass player here. This music is largely experimental and always spacey, yet there is a good range.

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Track by Track Review
Crying Fireflies
I love the killer echoey keyboard space textures on this number.
3rd Ear to the 4th Dimension
Still electronic, this gars a darker, heavier vibe. Some bass really adds to that. I particularly love the bass work later in the track. There are so many great layers of sound on this thing, and it has some intriguing evolution along its road.
Raindrops on my Cortex
I dig the noisy elements that contrast to mellower atmospherics here. This has a more freeform trippy texture and concept. There is a real alien, space vibe to this piece.
Homer Sets Sail
Waves and layers of lush keyboards are heard as this gets underway. The bass lends some intriguing melody, at times in one speaker and then in the other. That bass really gets intense later on this ride.
Roasted Dust Muffin
More freaky space sounds are on the menu here. It gets almost spooky at times. There is a soundtrack element to this piece, and a real freeform space concept.
Cats in the Pudding
I dig the space rock meets psychedelic edge of this number. The expressive bass is a great touch on this. I dig the driving, more rocking section that emerges further down the road. It gets energized and is so cool.
Bonus Tracks:
Bleak Future, Bright Day

I love the bass work on this, but the whole tune is great. It has more solid space rock than some of the rest here. There is a real hypnotic vibe to this cut.

Exploding Floors to Open Doors
There is an almost chiming sort of vibe as this gets underway. Bass harmonics add to that effect. There is some real magic in some of the melodic interplay later. I would go so far as to say that this piece transcends space rock to get into pure prog zones at times. There is a real sense of majesty before this is over.
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