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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Jarad Miles

Standing Upon This Array

Review by Gary Hill

I have to say that I really like this release a lot. The musical genre is hard to pin down, and that's just one of the appeals to this. I actually thought about landing it under progressive rock, mainly from an art rock point of view. Clearly several of the songs here could fit under that heading. Overall, this is a dynamic and diverse collection that always shines. It's also unique.

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Track by Track Review
Standing Upon This Array
A bouncing keyboard sound starts the opening title track. Vocals come in over the top. They are a little over-processed, but it somehow works for this. The cut has a lot of magic and charm as it continues forward. There is a decidedly progressive rock vibe to the number as it shifts to the next movement. This combines a tasty pop rock mode with those proggy tendencies as it continues.
Get In My Bed
An alternative rock turned pop groove is on the menu here. There are layers of dream-like quality over the top of it all. This isn't a big change from the opener, but it's a bit more reflective in some ways.
Something Beautiful
Another with some modern prog tendencies, this is more subtle and sedate, but no less enchanting. Its alternative proggy pop rock sound is charming and a bit dream pop like.
Apples N Pears
Here we get another bouncing and fun romp. This has plenty of alternative rock in the mix along with some art music tendencies.
Wasted Interlude
This is art music at its core. It's gentle and pretty.
Rain Your Love
I love the bass work on this. Dream pop merges with Island sound and alterative pop. This is not as directly energized and catchy as some of the others, but it is equally effective. It gets into more driving and rocking zones further down the road, but doesn't sacrifice that dreamy edge to do it.
Let's Get Closer (We Could Die)
There are a lot of layers of vocals and sounds on this tune. It's more of an alternative pop tune. It's quite classy and catchy.
Whitman Prelude
With a lush and intricate arrangement and dreamy layers of vocals, this short introductory piece is tasty.
Dreamy and slow moving, this alternative pop rocker continues that dreamy quality. The number takes a turn later, but remains in the same basic zone.
Peace Come In
Intricate guitar brings this cut into being. The track turns decidedly proggy later as some fast paced jamming comes over the top. There is also plenty of folk music, and even some hints of bluegrass, to be heard here.
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