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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

Harvey Summers


Review by Gary Hill

If you like instrumental electronic music you are likely to enjoy this. I have to say that I'm sometimes a hard sell on that kind of sound, particularly for a full album, but this really works. It never feels tired or redundant. This is always interesting and entertaining. I'd highly recommend this one.

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Track by Track Review
Dreams Of Another Sky
Dramatic and lush keyboard textures are on the menu here. This makes me think of things like Tangerine Dream, Vangelis and Synergy. There are some potent melodies here.
There is a real electronic symphonic angle to this cut. It's powerful and has mysterious elements at play.
Earth Orbit
Suitably space oriented, this has a trippy, but also powerful, vibe. There are some vocals that sound like they might be sampled.
With a sense of adventure built into it, this feels very much like the soundtrack to a movie. It's classy stuff.
The Void Part 1 - Everything
With a sense of mystery, this really does have the feel of something much larger than ourselves. It's an intriguing piece of music with a lot of magic in it.
The Void Part 2 - Star Stuff
In some ways this feels more concrete. On the other hand, there is still plenty of mystery and magic built into it.
I love the sedate melodies on this piece. The track has some wonderful keyboard magic.
Lunar Orbit Insertion
This starts very sedately and builds out gradually from there. This is one of the most dramatic piece here. It gets into some bombastic neo-symphonic zones later.

Electronic drama and beauty are on the menu here. There is a lot of symphonic angle and power built into this as it grows.

Small Steps
Another with a sense of adventure, this electronic piece is powerful and classy.
Earth Rising
This has a bit more of a rocking groove to it. It's a classy piece of music with a lot of style and charm. It gets very powerful along the road.
Sleeping L.E.M
There is some great electronic drama at play here.
The Journey Home
This is a study in contrasts. It has mellower sections. Those are counterpointed with bombastic, symphonic sections. I think this is actually one of the strongest compositions here, making it a great choice for album closer.
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