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One Night In Nashville

Review by Gary Hill

There was a time when music like this ruled the airwaves. These guys came out of the same school of soft rock as Crosby, Stills and Nash and The Eagles. I'd say their music probably lands somewhere between the works of those two acts. Yet, it's also unique. Still, I do hear some hints of the sound of those groups on this live album. It's quite an effective set that shows these guys still have what it takes.

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Track by Track Review
Where Did the Time Go
I like the intricate acoustic guitar that makes up the musical concept of this track a lot. The vocals eventually come over the top. This is a vulnerable sounding ballad.
Keep on Tryin'
I love the vocal harmonies on this track. The song feels a bit like something Crosby, Stills and Nash might do.
Crazy Love
A balladic number, I like this cut a lot. It's one of the band's songs I remember from back in the day. This live rendition works well, feeling a bit like The Eagles to me.
Pickin' Up the Pieces
There is a hoe-down vibe to this song. It's a lot of fun. It has a good energy and some catchy hooks.
Bad Weather
This mellower piece combines folk music and country tendencies. I have to say that I'm not a fan of accordion, so its presence here takes away from the song a little.
Call It Love
Another song I remember from these guys, this rocking little tune is all class. The organ on this is a nice touch, and the guitar solo brings some serious magic.
Let's Dance Tonight
Country rock is on the menu here. This is another that makes me think of The Eagles.
I like this ballad a lot. It has some hints of country, but overall is a soft-rock piece. This gets a bit more powered up, but never leaves the zone of ballad.
You Better Think Twice
I love the intricacies on the introduction here. It has an almost prog texture to it.
I like the intricate instrumental work on this number. The song becomes another classy and magical ballad. The extensive instrumental section with killer electric guitar soloing really elevates this number.
Indian Summer
I dig the folk rocking vibe of this song. The vocal arrangement is special, but so is everything about this tune, really. The electric guitar solo is very strong. This is another that makes me think of The Eagles in a lot of ways.
Kind Woman
Another song I remember from this act, there is plenty of country in the instrumental arrangement, largely due to the pedal steel guitar. The vocal arrangement is dense and rich, and this number works really well.
Rose of Cimarron
With a dramatic and involved introduction, this works to another song that makes me think of Crosby, Stills and Nash. This is a classy folk rocker.
Ride the Country
This is a more rocking tune. Pedal-steel guitar brings some country angles. While this works well, it's not one of the highlights for me.
Good Feelin' to Know
I like this a lot. It's another that definitely makes me thin of The Eagles.
Heart of the Night
The encore, this is another solid soft rock piece. The hooks are solid, and the arrangement is rich.
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