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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Jimmy Reed


Review by Gary Hill

Jimmy Reed was a big influence on rock and roll music. While Robert Johnson is looked on as one of the big ones, Jimmy Reed was inspiring rockers before they found out about Mr. Crossroads. Reeds music at times leans toward what would be considered early rock music. More often it's blues music, though. He was considered a blues artist. This is a great collection, and as is always the case with Bear Family it comes in great packaging - including a 36 page book that is very informative. I highly recommend this one to anyone who wants to discover an important blues artist they might have missed previously.

This review is available in book (paperback and hardcover) form in Music Street Journal: 2022  Volume 4. More information and purchase links can be found at:

Track by Track Review
I'm Going Upside Your Head
With a bluesy old-school rock and roll groove to it, this number is all class.
I Don't Go For That
I dig this bluesy number a lot. It has some classic guitar lines and a real timeless sound to it.
Baby, What You Want Me To Do
A little more down-home in terms of the blues sound, this is another solid number.
Baby, What's Wrong
Rock and roll and blues are on the menu here.
I'm Gonna Ruin You
Old school electric blues is on the menu here. The harmonica is a nice touch. The tune is another winner.
I'm A-Love You
While this number is well set in the blues, it's very much a foundational rock and roll tune. It's another strong entry here.
Shoot My Baby
This very much makes ms think of Chuck Berry. That said, it's with a healthy helping of old-school blues in the mix.
Bright Lights, Big City
The basic mix of sounds is similar to the last tune. That said, this is nothing like a carbon copy of that one.
Take It Slow
This feels like the kind of thing The Stones did in their early bluesy days. This is a killer tune that still holds up really well today.
Ain't That Lovin' You Baby
I dig the classy shuffling rock meets blues groove on this track.
High And Lonesome
More of a pure down-home, slow blues sound is on the menu here.
Big Boss Man
Not a big change, this is an effective number, nonetheless.
Come Love
A simple groove, this is poignant nonetheless.        
You're Something Else
Proto rock and roll, the blues roots are so obvious on this tune.
I Ain't Got You
This old chestnut gets a solid telling here.
The Sun Is Shining
Blues and old school rock and roll merge well on this tune.
Let's Get Together
This is another solid rock and roll meets blues groove.
Good Lover
With a classic blues progression at its heart, this is a great vintage tune. It's not a big change by any means, but it's effective.
She Don't Want Me No More
Classic blues is on the menu here. This is one of the standout tunes here. Given the competition, that says a lot.
When Girls Do It
This slower blues is another that really elevates the set.
I Found My Baby
No big changes are made here, but this is another solid entry.
State Street Boogie
Another that is sort of a mid-level tune, this is again not any kind of surprise or big variance.
I'm The Man Down There
I dig the gritty and down-home blues nature of this one.
My Bitter Seed
The particularly old-school blues sound on this works well. The song has a lot of classic magic at its heart.
Shame, Shame, Shame
I really dig the classic rock and roll turned blues vibe on this cut.
Eddie Taylor - Bad Boy
Vintage electric blues is on the menu here. The cut is all class.
Eddie Taylor - E.T. Blues
This instrumental is purely on fire with a retro blues meets rock and roll sound.
Eddie Taylor - Big Town Playboy
I really love the guitar solo on this electric blues rocker. The cut has some wailing harmonica that serves it well, too.
Eddie Taylor - Train Fare Home
There is some killer shuffling blues rock sound built into this number. It's so much fun. This song is a highlight, making it a great choice for closer.
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