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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Kristian Montgomery and the Winterkill Band

Prince of Poverty

Review by Gary Hill

Kristian Montgomery is billed as an alt-country act. I'd say that angle exists in his music, but I think he's more of a rock artist than the pigeonhole would indicate. This album covers a good range of territory and works well on every song. I like this a lot.

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Track by Track Review
They'll Remember My Name
The driving bluesy hard rock on this definitely makes me think of Led Zeppelin. That said there is a bit of an Allman Brothers edge here, too. This is such a powerhouse tune.
Tired of Being Tired
Less direct, this has some country along with blues and folk in the mix. It's still a rock tune, but it's a mellower one, landing closer to ballad-zones.
Working Hands
Higher in energy, there are some bluegrass hints in the instrumental arrangement. It's more or less a rocking tune with a real country edge on the musical construction. It is also another winner on a disc full of winners.
A Warm Grave
Folk and country merge on the balladic arrangement that starts this. After the first vocal movement we get some slightly more rocking stuff, but it's really about emphasis less than it is about taking the song into "rocker" zones. That said, it does get more rocking the longer it runs, hitting that territory later.
Don't Call Me Baby
With country and blues edges, this is another smoking hot rocker.
Soul for Soul
A mellower, more folk music based song, this has a lot of class and style. It does have some electrified layers over the top of it.
That Kind of Love
With Southern rock at its heart, this is another winner.
I'll Find My Way Home
Folk, country rock and jam band sounds merge on this melodic rocker. It's another effective piece on a disc that has no throwaway tunes.
American Fire
Now, we get some serious rocking country built into this number. It makes me think of the Outlaws. This song gets a parental advisory on the lyrics, but given that the words about the former president, those who are supports of his might want to steer clear of it anyway. For the rest of us, this has a powerful message. Actually, it does for them, too, if they will open their minds and listen.
Just Driving Around
Here we get folk, rock and country all mixed together and baked up into a nice casserole. This energized and fun. It does earn another parental advisory.



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