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Tennessee Ernie Ford

Classic Trio Albums, 1964 & 1975 featuring Billy Strange and Glen Campbell

Review by Gary Hill

This CD gathers together two trio albums released by Tennessee Ernie Ford. The first batch of songs are decidedly less fully arranged, while the second set are a bit more involved. I have to say that between Ford's always deeper than deep vocals and the slow stripped back songs here, a lot of this has a tendency to sound the same. Still, there are some songs that stand taller than others, and nothing here is wanting taken on its own.

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Track by Track Review
Try Me One More Time
There is a jazzy, bluesy groove to the guitar on this cut. The vocals bring the country to bear.
No Letter Today
Another stripped back, slow moving ballad, this cut works well.
Born To Lose
The formula is largely unchanged here.
Don't Rob Another Man's Castle
This feels more like a folk song. It's a particularly slow tune.
There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight
The country energy ramps up just a notch or two here. This is a fun song. I really love the guitar sound on it.
I Don't Hurt Anymore
I dig this tune a lot. It's not a big change, but everything just gels really well on it.
Worried Mind
I really like the energy and groove on this a lot. The vocals, of course, are exceptional. There is a bit of a jazzy angle to this song.
No One Will Ever Know
At times the music on this drops so far away that it's almost acapella. This is a good song, but the formula is wearing a bit thin.
Funny How Time Slips Away
Another cut from much the same cloth, this definitely feels samey.
Sweet Dreams
Another slow moving tune, this has some cool guitar fills.
Tears On My Pillow
Here we get another slab of slow, balladic sound. This works well, but the formula is seriously threadbare by this point.
May You Never Be Alone
Now, this has more energy with a bit of a rocking groove. The guitar fills are tasty, too.
Trouble In Mind
With a spoken bit (Glenn Campbell) at a few points egging Mr. Ford on, this has some cool bluesy acoustic guitar. The bass is fairly prominent here. This definitely shatters the mold, and it really benefits from it. This is one of the strongest tunes here. It gets into some jazzy zones at times, too.
(I'd Be) A Legend In Time
I really enjoy the mellow acoustic guitar solo section on this. The tune has a nice slow groove to it.
Here Comes My Baby Back Again
I dig the energy and vibe of this. There is a bit of a gospel music feeling to it. The guitar work on this is so cool. It gets a little jazzy.
There Goes My Everything
This gets some harmony vocals later in the number. It's another that has a gospel texture to it.
She Called Me Baby
I like the more energized groove on this tune.
I Gotta Have My Baby Back
A rather jazzy song, this has more of a slow groove to it.
Nobody Wins
There is a slow, but tasty groove to this number.
Loving Her Was Easier
Energetic folk-styled music is on the menu here.
I Really Don't Want To Know
The formula is again wearing a little thin here. This is a solid tune, though, when taken by itself. We do get harmony vocals later.
For The Good Times
I like the guitar fills on this tune a lot. It's another solid entry, but not really any big change.
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